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Customer Intelligence: Do You Really Know Your Customers?

Customer Relationship Management
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So you have got the best CRM solution for your business to ensure best practices for Customer Relationship Management? But how good is your relationship with your customers? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in today’s business world. Shifting focus from acquiring new customers and knowing the existing ones will help you answer this question. Not only retaining, but also strengthening customer loyalty has proved why CRM is termed as a necessity for businesses.

Here’s how you can know your customers: It’s all about putting to use customer intelligence!

Know and Recognize Your Customer

A CRM software solution helps to collect and store huge volumes of customer data at your fingertips that will benefit your company as well as customers in diverse, yet vital ways. Just by having a look at the consolidated information of all your customers, you can get an idea of a customer’s buying behavior, location, interests, and so on. Online CRM software can help you maximize sales opportunities by helping you identify what your customers are interested in. See how smart companies are using CRM data to predict customer orders well in advance.

Integrated Information

CRM solution centralizes all the customer information into a single and unified database. This helps the staff to get an overview of the updated information with the latest developments for every opportunity, lead, etc. Thus in case, if a customer calls to discuss or logs an issue regarding a purchase, the rep can easily access all the relevant information regarding client data and either re-direct the call to the right department or handle the concern all by himself. This reduces the chance of customer losing his trust from the support team, helps to manage or deal with customer’s concern in lesser time as well as reduces the chances of errors.

Better Customer Services

Excellent customer service is not just addressing customer concerns, but it is also about being upfront and proactive in capturing and responding to customer feedback. This helps in winning the trust of customers in your after sales services as well as to manage and update customer data with their upcoming business plans or concerns in your database. This would ultimately help in addressing customer issues quickly and efficiently regardless of whether they call in or email an inquiry in future.

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Personalized Service
In today’s competitive business world, retaining happy customers is one of the biggest challenges. Carrying out a survey to ask a series of questions about the products or services would help to achieve this goal. In addition, the survey will provide the sales and marketing departments with a good overview about customers’ needs and requirements as well as help to capture their views or experiences. This approach weighs more on what your customers actually want rather than what your business wants them to buy.

Retaining customers gives a company a distinct competitive advantage and a good CRM software drives you an inch closer to providing your customer with a satisfied buying experience.

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