Customer Loyalty through CRM

Customer Loyalty: How can automation and CRM help increase it.

Your Business’s success depends on your customer: How CRM improves customer loyalty


The 21st century has seen a remarkable change in the way customers are now being attended and serviced to. Consumer centric processes are now turning as the real mantra for scaling up the ladder of success. Not that it is new way of doing business, it is a smart way of doing your business with the relevant touch of emotions and empathy, at the same time taking care of the customer’s query efficiently. This is the need of the hour as this is the consumer’s demand of being heard and taken care of. Customer loyalty and customer retention is an age old widely practiced custom, but today, the way of achieving it has become newer and better and more automated.


It is not entirely about thinking hard about delighting your customers, but the aim is for building a rapport with them individually with and equal and unbiased attention. They have a huge role in determining your increase in cross selling / upselling, quality deal negotiation and closing, first-rate qualified prospects, higher ROI, upcoming market research analysis and subsequently finer strategizing, etc. therefore, this implies this is an obligation, more than a need, to address this rising aspect of a business culture. The efforts put in this direction will undeniably ingather some distinguished results which your business had just thought off.


How can a robust CRM improve customer loyalty:


CRM or Customer Relationship Management gives you that greater edge to accomplish your customer loyalty and retention targets for years to come. With its features and functionality it definitely expedites your manual efforts and helps you attain more than just happy customers.


  • Personal attention comes into existence:


An efficient CRM software helps you automate your processes and assists you in taking a closer look at your individual customer to get to the nuances like their complete details even the minute ones, ongoing queries / requirements, complaints and suggestions, etc. Very often, it becomes highly toilsome to take care of each our clients, prospects, leads and your opportunities. But isn’t it rewarding when most of them respond by saying they felt your service was up to the mark? It certainly increases the probability of your minting more and more loyal customers. Making your company their fancied destination, harvests remarkable new achievements. It is pro to pay heed to each of them as much as possible to get at the bottom to acquire a noteworthy customer loyalty rate. They will respect you for your degree of interest and care taken for them.


  • An Exemplary Customer Experience:


It goes without saying that loyal customers are those who always prefer and buy your products and services. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep them forever loyal is to be at their service 24×7. Here, the CRM is used for handling queries and complaints all of which are resolved faster and quicker and with enhanced effectiveness due to the availability of up-to-date information. For this, tools like case management, service level agreement (SLA) tracking and a central database are used. To further, improve the overall level of customer service one can also avail of another useful tool that is service metrics. According to Gartner, 80% of a company’s future revenues will come from just 20% of the existing customers. Again, it is understood that the probability of selling to a new prospect is much less than a loyal customer.


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  • Sales people benefit the most from it:


The full benefit comes directly to the sales team and the full best services again reach the customers. This cycle make sure the both concerned parties are equally benefitting from the alliance. Automation of day-to-day tasks including: order processing, lead management, sales forecasts, etc. this automation eliminates the need to spend the time performing the manual tasks daily task like scheduling sales calls. Time, money and efforts are saved but these result into optimization of each sales person’s performance, thus, keeping the customer experience in a perfect shape and the loyal customers even more satisfied.


  • Maintain ethical customer complaint process


Your customers who might also be in the form of shareholders, suppliers or clients will never have to think twice before complaining with the board of the company. Here, point to be kept in mind is the ethical nature of customer complaint management. In Sage CRM, all your security and ethical standards are maintained allowing you to shift you focus toward your business and improvising on new ways to improve the customer loyalty along with keeping all the ethics and processes in mind.


What you need is a relationship balance with your customers so that there is a lower rate of customer attrition and a higher chance of customer contentment. Make them assure that your corporation does much more supplying products or services. It’s time for grassroots level precision. Make use of CRM and notice the transformation in your business! To know more, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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