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Customer Loyalty in times of Social Media

Customer Loyalty
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Customer Loyalty is something that every company wants and works for. Campaigns, discounts, birthday month discounts, etc. are just ways to let the customer know that as a brand you care about them and provide them with privileges as a reward for their repeat buying or referrals. All would seem a very fine story save for a small glitch – how can we assure customer loyalty in the times of social media.

We are not saying that social media is a villain here. In fact, it has helped in breaking down of monopoly giving every brand – small or big – the same platform and access to a huge audience and compete with each other for the customer’s attention. The key point to understand here is the creation of a common platform which has motivated the ‘Startup’ movement that we are seeing around us.

If there are now a lot of enterprising entrepreneurs who are launching their Startups with unique idea and the backing of social media, there is one more threat that they are facing – the shorter attention span of the consumers. There is just a 3 – 5 second window that a brand gets to present itself before the consumers to make them aware of the product and entice them to purchase the product.

The very technology which has brought the companies on a common platform, has created this phenomenon. From a consumer’s perspective they are readily adapting to social media as they do not want to be a victim of monopoly. Differentiation is the major factor that the consumers are benefiting from this. Nearly every same category brand is selling the same thing. The key differentiation, be it in product or services at the same cost is what is motivating the consumers to keep switching brands and try out some new vendor with every purchase. Online discounts, in stock items, vendor exclusivity are just some of the things which is motivating consumers to not settle with one brand.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room – Customer Loyalty in times of Social Media.

  • Be Human: Social Media Management is the closest approach to your customers, wherein you can interact directly to your customers, thus, it’s always advisable to have a normal first person conversation to help your customers feel comfortable and free to communicate. Do not reply like automated bots. Customize your messages, address the person by his name and preferably do a little research on his profile to understand his taste and preferences so that you can suggest better and let the customer feel that you know about them and care about their choices.
  • Pay heed to your mentions: Social Media has a lot to do with your brand reputation, hence always keep a track of all your brand mentions, for all the negative and positive feedback people have for you. It shows off, how attentive your customer service is. Be prompt and do not be aggressive on receiving negative feedback. In fact, after you have dealt with the customer’s query, you can send him a gift voucher or send him something to show that you are very keen to solve even small problems that your customer may raise.
  • Be a problem solver: For millennial, social media is the best way to reach them and for their problems and queries to reach you. Being a millennial, they expect a quick remedy for their queries. While instant troubleshooting can only get you more loyal customers, it is also important that you know the history of your customer beforehand. Many customers do not want to keep repeating their information at every call to the care. They want the representative to know about them beforehand so that it saves their time and helps to get to the point immediately. To ease out this task, companies usually have a smart CRM software which records the details of all the customers and can be pulled up in an instance when required. These CRM software need to be user friendly with easier navigation and complaint management system so that there is a transparency created between the company and the user.
  • Follow up: Follow up is just like an icing on the cake, while your instant services do the deal, a simple follow up message like “let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with” can make things look better, make customer feel special and eventually induce customer loyalty. Also, what helps is letting them know how the consumer can contact you when in times of need. Many a times, lack of consumer care number on the website is in itself a reason for frustration. Regular follow up even asking for feedback in the intervals is an important way to touch base with the consumers regularly.
  • Privileges: Regular buyers should be on top of your list for privileges. Repeat purchases are the life line of a business and when the consumer feels privileged, he will definitely stay loyal to the brand. There has to be subtle information dropped, so that the consumer knows that he is enjoying the benefit as a privilege before the regular clients. It can be simple things like information of oncoming sale beforehand, sending new dishes to taste and asking for feedback. Making your consumer feel special does go a long way. You can also use marketing campaigns backed with a strong CRM software to help you in customizing and reaching out to your audience.

To conclude with, Rome was not built in a day, nor can be customer loyalty. Your Brand and Marketing efforts on Social media needs to be nurtured with care and attention, while being personal yet professional at the same time, add a little smart customer management and it will eventually bear up the fruits of loyal customers. Know more about customer management, brand management and tracking and many more cool features with Sage CRM, one of the leading CRM software around the globe. Contact us here, or SMS SAGE to 56767 or even drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

Disclaimer: All the information, views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and their respective web sources and in no way reflect the principles, views or objectives of Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd.

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