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Direct Sales Invoice Functionality in Sage X3

Direct Sales Invoice Functionality in Sage X3
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Generally, In the Sales Process, to perform sales of goods, we always have to start with a Sales Order, then make a Sales Delivery, and finally a Sales Invoice. The Sales delivery represents the transfer of stock and the sales invoice represents the charges and prices. But there can be situations where it is necessary to make a sales invoice directly which will generate not only the accounting document, but create a stock entry of the goods sold in the system as well. 

Let’s take an example of a store that sells mobile phones and accessories. If a customer wishes to purchase a mobile phone, then the seller will immediately book a sales invoice instead of making a Sales Order/Delivery. The invoice made by the seller should automatically credit the stock from the inventory along with an accounting entry. 

The benefit of this process is that one document can generate both accounting impact as well as stock impact simultaneously in the system.

To create a direct sales invoice, first, go to the normal Sales invoice screen and click on create.

Scroll down below in the Management tab.

Scroll down below in the Management tab

In the menu field Stock Transaction, select Yes option and select the shipment site.

Scroll down below in the Management tab


Fill any other additional details as required. Go to the Lines and fill the Product Details, Amounts and Taxes as required. 

Then create the Sales Invoice and post it. 

On posting the sales entry, run the accounting interface to generate the stock impact in the system.

Go to the Financials -> Journal Entry. There, you will find that the Sales invoice will have it’s own journal entry as well as an STK entry. You can cross check by looking the Source Document Number.

Journal Entry :-

Journal Entry

Stock Entry :-

Stock Entry

The impact for the stock entry is seen as follows :-

The impact for the stock entry is seen as follows

As you can see, creating a direct Sales Invoice helps us to impact stock without having to create a Sales Delivery first.

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