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Don’t Let Your CRM Implementation Turn into a Disaster

CRM implementation
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CRM Implementation is an important and a crucial step in the CRM buying process. It is a make or a break situation where it can totally go kaput or be seamless. It is in this stage too that all the data is migrated to the new platform and since the data is of a crucial nature, utmost care needs to be taken during the migration.

To have a successful implementation we must plan in advance as how our implementation can be smooth and successful. For most it may be the first time that CRM is being implemented in their premise, hence, we have compiled some actions that can be taken to get rid of any blunder to happen. Let’s see the same one by one.


Let’s see top 4 reason that leads to CRM Implementation disaster:


Lack Of leadership:

It’s like riding an Aircraft without a pilot. It is only the leader – CEO, CXO, Founders, etc. who have the required insight and the direction that they need to steer their business towards. They will be the ones who will be able to provide the ERP vendor with the exact requirement and can overlook the implementation effectively. When the task of implementation or any critical process needs to be handled by mid-level staff, expect that the implementation will not be a smooth one. They have insufficient business knowledge and might also not be authorized to access important data like finances and sales. Hence, the role of a company leader is not restricted to just selecting the CRM Software. In fact, it stretches to implementation and post implementation helping and motivating the company staff to use the new software.


Absence of Clearly Defined Goals:

More than 50% CRM implementations fail due to lack in clearly defined goals. Before buying a CRM system, there is a brief plan laid out that the company wants to grow, expand in future and hence, they need a CRM software for it but a clearly defined goal gives way more information than that – How much transaction will happen, how many security levels will you need and how do you manage the gap between what your company does and the software provides, etc.

If goals are well-defined and handy then you can measure the success or failure of the implementation. Also, important factor is that the complete organization or users need to be in sync with the understanding these goals and know pre hand what they should expect from the system.


Too Much IT Involvement:

It is not always important that the IT team is involved in every phase important. Though they are integral in understanding the technicalities and the functional aspects, it is not sensible to be completely dependent on them for everything. The sales and marketing team need to have a better understanding of how the system should behave in order to accomplish the future goals since these departments are the key users for the CRM system.

Today, there are many ERP vendors who provide Cloud access as a basic feature in their CRM software which assists in the managers to access their client data remotely. This helps in closing deals faster and being where the business is actually happening. Now, for these functionalities, the IT team may or may not be available always to show the way around. Hence, all teams should be equally participating during implementation and data migration period.


“It’s My Way or the Highway” Mentality:

When any organization decides to implement something new, people often reject it saying that they are not comfortable with the software, however to avoid the ‘it’s my way or the highway’ mentality, the management needs to convince and train them efficiently on the new system that would be well fitted in their current comfort zone to get more growth and stability. Likewise, the management should make sure that the software needs to be user friendly and easier to navigate around. To know more about a CRM Software which will be apt for your domain and niche market, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions at

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