eCommerce ERP Integrations

eCommerce ERP Integration: Key to Successful Online Store

E-commerce as the name stands is a more revolutionized way of doing business in today’s world, it is a cost effective method of selling products and services online which is faster and more penetrative than the conventional ways. Even in eCommerce business, ERP is required to manage the overall business along with the revenue and the inventory.

ERP integration is advisable for any eCommerce company. It is over here that Sage ERP solutions from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd will be very helpful to the companies. Sage ERP system integration with online retail business has many merits to it.

As we know real time data plays an important role in business, esp. for an eCommerce company as things are sold off the shelves within seconds. Hence, over here, the availability of real time data in the system at any time becomes very important. Accessibility of data on a real time basis from anywhere and any device has the capability to accelerate your business to next level.

Information can be fetched at any time on the front end of the store which allows customers on the go to view the latest inventory and make the purchase decision. Right from placing the order online, keeping a track on it until it gets delivered to their doorsteps. Having an eCommerce ERP system is mutually beneficial for both seller as it helps him reduce his operating cost and buyer too as it improves his overall experience.

Here online stores’ sales information is reflected in the Sage eCommerce ERP system which enables the business to plan its strategies around it and improve the sales periodically then aligning it with main business plan of the company which reduces their cost and increases their profit.

Financial reports are generated from the application. However in integration with ERP it gives the comprehensive view to authority regarding a balance sheet, profit & loss statement, cash flow and trial balance and then decisions are taken accordingly.

In the whole automation human involvement is minimized which in turn increases the overall productivity of the eCommerce way of doing business. Wherein, with the help of reflected information of sales orders, the back office team gets started with further proceeding of these orders.

The customer is the king in any business and this eCommerce ERP integration helps him to place the order from any corner of the globe, keep a tab on it and take timely decision with his buying.

Hence it helps the management to know what is happening in their business and control the resources and expenditures which gives them strategic edge over the others.

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