eCommerce and ERP Integration

eCommerce websites: The essential tools you need to get your online business up and running

Today eCommerce Websites have provided a lot of flexibility to the consumers in terms of shopping experience wherein the consumer can go through a number of products from a single portal and that too at the comfort of his home.  From companies like Grofers offering fresh vegetables at home to FlyRobe which allows you to select, try and rent a dress in the comfort of your home.

Point is that now since people are getting used to this new method of shopping, even the most traditional and conventional businesses want  to try their hand at the eCommerce game. But before you do so, there are some pointers that you need to keep in mind before getting your online business up and running.


The top essential you need to get your eCommerce Website up and running:


  1. CMS Platform: Any eCommerce Website should have a very flexible Content Management Platform which can help the company to change the product specifications, help in SEO so that the products rank and also a payment gateway integration for products that can be easily purchased. Free trials and monthly subscription plan can also be availed with a payment gateway integration so that it is easier for the consumer to select a plan and try out for a trial basis giving just some of his details.


  1. Social Media Tracker – Social Media interaction with consumers is very important to manage and maintain your Online Reputation or ORM. Social Media is also very important to let customers know more about your company and your offerings. Along with interacting with the consumers on a Social Media platform, it is also very important to constantly monitor and know where your potential customers are and what are they talking about your company. In this case, a Social CRM should help you to integrate your CRM Solution with Social Media and know what your customers are thinking about your offerings and how you can better them.


  1. Analytics – When you make your eCommerce Website, do not forget to install Google Analytics and Conversion tracker code to know about how many people visit your website on a daily basis and where do they exit the most from. This information can be used to make the user experience better of your website and let the customer navigate better. Apart from the Google Analytics, you also need a very efficient business solution like an ERP and CRM which will help your in better analysis of your sales and customer service status. Sales forecasting, managing demos, signups and follow-ups, inventory tracking can be taken care of easily with a robust and scalable ERP solution which will boost your eCommerce Website with the necessary customer experience.


  1. Mobile Apps – Today Apps provide the user to engage with the consumer at the ease of his home. With mobile apps, the company can push its offerings in the form of notifications and updates. With one click option and Google analytics for mobile, the company can monitor what all pages are being seen by the consumer and how can he push his offerings in the form of ads.


  1. Email Integration – Email Integration with ERP and CRM will help the company to plan and monitor marketing campaigns. When a person signs up for purchasing anything from the eCommerce Website, he will need to fill in his email which will be a database for further marketing activities.


Apart from this, the eCommerce Company would need a sound CRM and ERP system which will help them manage their sales and customer service. To know how, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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