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Four automation that can enhance your CRM experience

Automation To Enhance CRM Experience
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Customer Relationship management (CRM) software are business management suit designed to handle and take care of your customers, record conversation and enhance sales. It is not just your average address book, but past present and future of your business growth, which, with help of past records and future forecast help your empire grow today.

It can swiftly come up with solutions to all your tedious work processes, assist sellers and provide top notch customer experience. The best feature of it being automation that can help you schedule your routine, gain insights and generate data from the automated data records.

Automation can free you from your nominal tasks, enabling you focus on major tasks, furthermore, providing the right data, at right place, at right time. So let us have a look at four features of CRM software that can enhance your CRM experience.

4 automation that can enhance your CRM Software:

  1. Contact Automation

Maintaining your customer data like their contact information can sometimes become a tricky job, which gets on getting complicated as you climb us the success ladder. Thus, manual data entry can appear to be a tedious job, adding more to it, the risk of losing a customer due to outdated contact list. Thereby bringing us to the need of contact information

Contact information can be easily made available through social media, mails and constant contact. In today’s date, people often tend to keep their contact details update on social platforms. Thus, CRM software can integrate with social platforms, keeping your contact list updated.

  1. Sales Automation

One of the most important aspect of CRM software is lead management, which includes lead nurturing, automatic qualification, and automation of the sales process overall. Moreover, a CRM system should have the ability of automation to segment leads into groups and engage them through a series of emails specific to the lead’s needs and interests.

As the leads progress through various stages of workflow, the CRM should automatically adjust the stages & statues and trigger email messages defined at respective stages. This includes continuously adjusting lead score based on purchase history, marketing messages and activity.

  1. Forecasting and Analytics Automation

CRM systems are proficient with generating precise reports and insights through with the help of data mining. This insight can include sales pipeline, missed opportunities, statistics on customer service performance and even assist with product development ideas.

The ability of the CRM software to provide unerring analysis and reports make them a loyal companion for every sales and marketing manager. Moreover, modern CRM software allows its user to customize the dashboard as per his/her convenience, making it easier to use while saving crucial time.

  1. Customer Service Automation

The most primary function of CRM is to provide a service, after which no customer would want to leave by your side. CRM automation for customer service can include social automation, brand tracking, etc. where you can directly provide a solution to customer query or complaint.

Moreover, you can schedule follow up mails, notification, update and end of subscription reminders, which the software can automatically send mails and messages as and when the conditions are triggered.

Thus, add the proficiency and automation of CRM software like Sage CRM that can provide automated features backed by SaaS and IOT for an experience like never before. Save cost, time and never lose any prospect as you keep on growing on the success charts. o know more, what Sage CRM can do for your business, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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