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How can ERP and e-commerce Integration elevate your business

How can ERP and e-commerce Integration elevate your business
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eCommerce has come up as a new convenient and faster way to reach out to a lot of people. eCommerce sites offer what traditional sites could not offer: Shopping in the comfort of your home / office with easy returns and cash on delivery options. The owner of the eCommerce site gets the benefit to reach out to a lot of people and have a focused marketing to reach more and more people. Even unconventional goods like groceries, hot food directly from kitchen and real estate can be seen being sold online.

This move has given rise to many innovations focused on bettering the user experience for the customer and make him a repeat customer. From one day delivery to free trails of clothes at home, we are seeing new and innovative ways being employed by vendors to attract more and more business.

While being focused towards gaining more business for the company, the management should not overlook the process, for processes is what makes a driven to achieve its goals. An eCommerce company, has to manage a lot of processes in one go – taking orders, blocking the inventory from the vendor, packaging, planning dispatch, making delivery, collecting payments, etc. What we understand from this is that to get these processes up and running, the management uses some form of software. Either a POS system, accounting system or a single module system like inventory / warehouse management, but as the company grows, that is not enough for working.

E-business stands for ‘electronic business’, which involves communications and doing business electronically through the Internet. E-business is defined as the use of electronically enabled communication networks that allow business enterprises to transmit and receive information. It is over here that an ERP for eCommerce can help the retailers to streamline and better their processes.

ERP software for eCommerce or retailers automates complex business processes and transforms the way employees interact with their customers, vendors, suppliers or within their own organization.


Feature of Sage 300, ERP for eCommerce:


  • Easily Configurable.
  • Real time inquiry.
  • Automates your sales & inventory process.
  • Single view of all tasks
  • Complete control
  • Mapping responsibility to users
  • End to End Inbound to Outbound process.

E Commerce integration with an ERP software is a business strategy not to be ignored by companies aspiring to grow and be successful in these competitive time today.


Advantages of integrating ERP with eCommerce:


  1. Avoid manual data entry errors as entries are automated and without any duplicity on multiple screens.
  2. Eliminate errors and data duplication.
  3. Streamline inventory by synchronizing accurate picture of available inventory to shoppers. Get your inventory updated in real – time when orders are placed online. Manage dispatch and vendor commission from the same portal itself.
  4. Growth in revenue and real-time information exchange between all portals leading to increased efficiency.


While ERP software do increase the performance and the revenue of the company, these are some of the crucial points that the management should note:


  1. ERP users often go through lengthy training sessions to learn how to user ERP systems. It is reasonable as it is designed with sophisticated workflow processes to best fit organizations’ business processes, hence, the management should be very supportive and patience with the employees during the whole process.
  1. The company should avoid over – customization as that would lead to the project getting delayed further and make the project prone to more bugs or technical issues.
  1. The ERP software should be one that can scale up with the organization and act as a catalyst in the growth of the organization.
  1. The ERP vendor should be experienced and someone who has been in the domain for a long time. The reason being that even after the ERP implementation has been conducted, the company would need the help of the vendor for some years until the system does not start to give back RoI.


To know more about the benefits of integrating your ERP Software with eCommerce, SMS SAGE to 56767. To know what solution can help your organization grow faster, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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