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ERP for Biotech and Genetic Engineering Industry

ERP for Biotech and Genetic Engineering Industry
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Biotechnology is a field that is being practiced since thousands of years for agricultural and medicinal purposes. In fact, in recent years it has expanded vastly and has provided significant contribution to science with better cures to diseases, better food production, substitutes for hazardous chemicals etc. making it one of the most valuable industries.

Biotech engineers deal with stuff at genetic level, though the technology has advanced tremendously, but sill it has a very long way to go. With new things to discover and many mysteries to be solved, a substantial amount of work is in hands of biotech engineers to maintain and organise data in place.

An ERP software can help biotech and genetic engineering expert in various ways, as handling such complicated and minutely detailed data obviously needs to be planned and co-ordinated.

Simplifying tasks with Sage ERP

  • Resource Management: Biotechnology makes use of microscopic and macroscopic resources, though for macroscopic resources, pen and paper management are handy, but using the same for microscopic resources doesn’t sound convenient enough, but an ERP software can ease up all the complex management.
  • Finance Management: Large amount of money is spent on biotech researches, as they give out valuable results for the mankind, but for such large available funds, a proper finance management system is necessary. And the same can be easily managed by Sage ERP’s Finance Management module.
  • Knowledge Database: It can be frustrating when a research is being hold back due to lack of information, later to realize it was already available. But with Sage ERP’s cloud server, the data can be maintained and accessed easily by everyone and be used as Knowledge Database.
  • Integration: Sage ERP can be made to integrate with crucial bioinformatics device to sync with the required data and made available all at one place, that can save the engineers hours of collecting information before begin to work.
  • Reports: Reports are important aspect for Biotechnology research, and Sage ERP can help to a certain extent, generating reports.

Thus, Sage ERP can provide a smooth and organised flow to the biotech and genetic engineering Industry.

To know more, how Sage ERP can help your biotechnology or genetic engineering business, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767, or drop a mail at

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