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ERP for Filter Industry

ERP for Filter Industry
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Taste, appearance and consistency is important in every product, especially for a high value product like processed oil or natural gas. This is what makes Filter Industry one of the biggest and challenging sectors that we have compared to other businesses seen in our day to day life. The High efficiency systems which are used for separation and filtration of high value products is what makes the Filter Industry complex.

The treatment plants usually have different separation and filtration units which need to be working in sync to achieve efficiency during the whole filtration cycle. End result of this synced work is the success achieved in the consistency in the output of the product like refined oil or natural gas which is packed and sent ahead to other industries.

Thus for a manufacturing industry, it becomes very critical that they manage their internal as well as external aspects very efficiently. Internal aspects including raw materials, process cycle, machineries, and labor while the external aspects include the customer and the sub-contractors.

The second most important part of the process is analysis of the whole production cycle from raw material to the finished product. The reason being the uniqueness of the industry since it does not cater to one specific target market or one industry. Other processes like Air filtration, water filtration, and thermal filtration also are processed in a Filter Plant.

ERP for Filter Industry

ERP for Filter Industry like Sage 300cloud ERP and Sage ERP X3 along with the well-built Add-ons help these manufacturing units very efficiently such that all the internal and external aspects are maintained, mapped and executed successfully. Sage 300 ERP, from a Global perspective, along with its various manufacturing add-ons can help configure all the processes properly.

Thus from an analysis point of Sage 300 ERP ensures that all the inventory masters are configured according to the requirement into the system and the required parameters are stored at the item master level. Based on these configurations, a user / admin can extract the required reports whenever required. These reports apart from the process itself are very important as the industry depends on in-detail analysis based on the sizes, lengths, diameters, taste, consistency and various other factors in these filter industries.

Thus choosing a proper solution for your business is very critical when it comes to the manufacturing domain as there are lots of factors that need to be considered. Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd has successfully installed Sage ERP X3 in number of Manufacturing Units increasing their efficiency and the turnaround time. For more details, please write to

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