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ERP for Generator Manufacturing companies

ERP for Generator Manufacturing companies
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With the ever-increasing population, the requirement for basic utilities has also increased, with the requirement for food, clothing and shelter, there is also a need for energy and power. Every household keeps with them some form of generator or inverter which will be beneficial for the company in times of need. Even today in rural India, there is a problem of power and load shedding, many districts have their own generator setup to deal with the power setback. In the rising demand for generators, the generator manufacturing companies will need to keep their efficiency optimal same throughout for growth and sales. ERP for generator manufacturing companies will help the company to manage his sales by sales forecast visibility and also keep up with the customer expectations through various models available in the ERP system.

A generator manufacturer faces many issues from operational to functional and human resources. In such a situation, Sage 300cloud, an ERP for Generator Manufacturing Companies helps the company in maintaining:

  • Labor cost,
  • Maintenance cost,
  • Maintain inventory with lot numbers & barcode,
  • Keeping an updated data of customers and vendors,
  • Tracking manufacturing progress work center and machine wise,
  • Daily MIS report,
  • Financial tracking of customers & vendors,
  • Assets tracking from purchase to disposal of assets,
  • Daily production report,
  • Scrap reports,
  • Power consumption reports,
  • Manpower report and much more.

With reference to this industry we can also say that Sage 300, an ERP for Generator Manufacturing companies is a key to start & keep smooth functioning along with maintaining the visibility on the sales and identifying what regions are performing and not performing and plan the campaigns likewise. Maintain and manage marketing campaigns from the ERP for generator Manufacturing Companies

Below are the some of the modules of Sage 300, ERP for Generator Manufacturing Companies:

  • Manufacturing modules
  • Accounts payable module
  • Accounts Receivable module
  • Purchase module
  • Sales module
  • Inventory control module
  • Barcode module
  • Excise module
  • General ledger module
  • Production planning module


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