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Secure your Medical Device Manufacturing Business with ERP

Medical device Manufacturing
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Secure your Medical Device Manufacturing Business with ERP

Sage Software Solutions has packaged an end to end solution comprising of Sage 300cloud and Sage CRM for Medical Equipment Traders & Distributors dealing in Medical equipment like surgical instruments, diagnostics equipment, Therapeutic equipment, Life support equipment etc. It can be termed as Sage ERP for Medical Equipment Trading because of its exhaustive features and customization ability to make it applicable to this particular industry. Sage Software Solutions is confident of tackling one of the most complex yet unorganized processes and provide the organization with a world class ERP and CRM system for their business intelligence, financial management, supply chain management and customer relationship management.


The medical equipment trading involves transactions of high end goods which are imported and then they have to be installed at the client end under the appointed engineer’s supervision. After installation, the warranty period is to be tracked to calculate the annual maintenance cover which determines the support call structure. A typical trading process which requires constant checks at every level since goods of high value are received and dispatched. A very systematic and robust accounting along with procedural operations is necessary for a satisfied customer.


Medical Equipment traders mostly work on commission basis where they import in heavy duty machineries from their principal vendors located internationally after the customers place an order for a particular product or instrument or any medical kit. They also supply necessary ancillary items required along with the equipment. These traders provide after sales service for which they need to have a detailed account of the equipment purchased. Certain details like barcode number or serial number of the product or machine is required during a customer complaint call to verify if the product is in under warranty or not. If still under the warranty period then provide with the service and if the product has expired then a renewal contract is to be placed.


Further processes like assigning site engineer, detecting problem and providing service according to the problem detected further follow. At times, there is a change is spare part for which the principal company has to be approached with the order details. All this needs to be done in a very efficient and time bound manner because of the high sensitivity of the equipment in terms of human life as well as high cost attached to each of the equipment for which the customers demand the best service. The Financial Module and Service Module of Sage solutions for Distribution ERP for Health Care equipment and products distribution help achieve end to end transactional history of the account.


When the orders are escalated to the principal vendor, co-ordination and follow up between the customer and vendor is completely the trader’s look out. A successful trader would have many orders coming in from various parts of the country for various corporate clients thus making it a heroic task for the sales force to keep track of those orders and their respective follow ups. On importing these equipment or capital goods, apart from the various import duties applied, various additional charges like freight charges, insurance, etc. are also applied at the time of delivery which also has to be taken in account while quoting the client. Supply chain management and Order management features configured by Sage Software Solutions for Sage ERP solution for Medical Equipment Trading industry takes care of these aspects of the ERP for Medical Tools Trading organizations or related industry like Hospital Furniture Trading and Distribution organizations.


A trade process where if a planned and structured procedure is not followed then there is possibility of a clogged sales and service pipeline. To avoid any hindrance in your business process Sage Solutions provides a complete application which takes care of marketing planning, enquiry management, sales management, quotes, orders, invoicing, warranty tracking, sales force automation and post sales service as well. A powerful Customer Relationship Management, Opportunity Management and Lead Management solution for Medical Equipment Distribution industry has been configured by Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd utilizing Sage CRM as the framework and for accounting.


Sage EES i.e. Sage Extended Enterprise suite which comprises of Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM two applications which are seamlessly integrated with each other as well as MS Outlook and many other third party tools like CTI integration, Barcode Scanners, etc. to give a capital good trading organization a complete business cycle in one application. Sage Solution handles the entire process from enquiry information capture to regular follow-ups along with calendar and email management. Once the enquiries are qualified as an opportunity then generating multiple quotes, sending proposals and also escalating the orders to the principal is a just a click away in Sage CRM. Many accounting decisions like interest profiles, retain age terms, adjustment entries, etc can only be taken when the entire invoice history of the client is available. Commission tracking for each opportunity is the vital paint point in this business which is taken care of through Sage 300 ERP. The product warranty tracking and maintenance contract renewal in this industry segment is quite vital. After sale service, which forms the key to constant revenue generation is tracked with systematic workflow and escalation triggers. Sage ERP and CRM for Medical Equipment Distribution and Trading is one of the most powerful tool for this specialized industry vertical for a complete 360 degree view of the information on the fingertips of all the concerned departments.

The advantages of having a world class seamlessly integrated solution specially configured for Medical industries are immense. Sage Software solution has solution like CRM and ERP for Pharmaceutical distribution, CRM and ERP for Medical Products distribution and trading, ERP and CRM for Health Hygiene products distribution and trading. To know more about these solutions contact

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