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ERP for Rental Industry

ERP for Rental Industry
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Usually the rental industry have to transact in bigger amounts of materials, seasonality, wide range of labor availability, customer service maintenance & service management and for all of these times, the company needs to make some or the other changes in their system and invoices. Due to non-maintenance of data in a single system or maintaining in simply and excel, the data would be subjected to either duplicity or loss through data corruption.

Apart from making the property, the company also has to indulge in sales and marketing which will help them in recovering the costs and earn profits. Inventory availability information is important for all departments, especially for the sales team which has to face a lot of customers day in and out. To know all those things are very hectic for the sales person along with handling all the walk-in customers. Runtime, they do not have the easy way to capture the customer information for marking & also need to follow up afterwards.

Most of the time you can see the paper work in such type of industries. To reduce this type of work Sage 300 cloud, ERP for Rental Industry will provide you with easy & configurable solution for it.

Features for Sage 300, ERP for Rental Industry:

  • Easily Configurable.
  • Fully integrated with other management systems.
  • Easily maintain inventory.
  • Real time inquiry.
  • User friendly user interfaces for making the entries.
  • Manage your rental rates.
  • Automate your billing processes.
  • Easily customize reports as per the company standards.


Let’s look into the features in brief :

  • Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable:

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables module totally integrates with Operation and production module. All financial transaction can be maintained as per standard accounting norms.


  • Inventory Control:

In this module you can easily maintain your inventory with current rate. Also you will be able to generate different types of reports which shows your inventory status.


  • Purchase Order:

With the help of this, you can maintain the purchase orders which are to be processed into your company. You can also customize your standard PO format as per your organization.


  • Sales Order:

In this module all the sales order with relevant customer details can be stored into particular entry. The Sales Person can easily enter the Sales Order entry from anywhere, anytime and any device as UI for Sage 300, ERP for Rental Industry is very user friendly.


Along with the above modules, Sage 300, ERP for Rental Industry provides you with a set of reports which will be accessible throughout in your organization like PO Form, Sales Order Report, Quotation Report, Stock Reports & so on.

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