ERP for Textile industry | ERP for Manufacturing Industry

ERP for Textile industry

Textile Industry generally involves not only the procurement, manufacturing and distribution of the product but also channel management and sales generation. Quality control is also a very important part of the industry where, like any manufacturing company, the quality of the raw material to the finished good is important. Good quality leads to a better extended shelf life which is an important criteria for the consumers to buy the product. An apparel and textile solution makes it easier for the vendors to manage all the processes from one place while keeping their quality control in check. A good ERP for Textile Industry helps the helps the ERP solution to maintain their inventory, quality control, manufacturing process, distribution and finance.

A textile company usually faces a problem while tracking their manufacturing processes like production tracking, Material requirement planning, and master production schedule. A good ERP for textile industry provides a single portal for various modules like Manufacturing, sales, purchase, stock, AP-AR Accounting, General ledger, asset register. Which will help these types of industries to easily maintain their manufacturing process, stock, distribution process, financial accounting, budget and assets.


Here are some key advantages of ERP for Textile industry:


  • Streamline Manufacturing Process :-

There are a lot of complex operation and process like spinning, weaving, dying, printing, finishing to manufacture human apparel which happen on a daily basis in the company. An ERP for textile industry helps to automate manufacturing & business process, wherein the management and the admin can easily do production tracking at each work center on a real time data.


  • Improved Product Quality

 An ERP for textile industry provides better quality control of RM as well as the finished goods.  It will help to monitor product defects. Thus it will help customer expectation and improve organization sales.


  • Cost Reduction

ERP for textile industry helps the management to take better business decisions on the go. With a very efficient ERP system, the company can easily manage supply chain process and their administrative process while reducing costs. Identification of duplicate data and data leakages become easy and will help in avoiding over estimation or lower estimation of sales forecast.


  • Provide Financial data and MIS reporting

Sage ERP helps the textile company to easily manage their financial data. It will provide real time transaction data and will provide company revenue, Expenses, vendor & customer outstanding. It will also provide MIS Reports like Balance sheet, P&L, trial balance report as and when required.


  • Provide help to Manage Inventory

ERP for textile industry helps the organization to easily manage inventory at different inventory location. Through MRP and MPS process, the manufacturer can easily track that how much raw material is required to produce the FG material, thus they have better inventory planning for future prospect.  Inventory reconciliation process also better inventory planning at each and every inventory location. To know which ERP solution will suit your business better, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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