ERP for Trading Organization

ERP for Trading Organization

Stuffed with cool and easy to use features, ERP software have emerged up as major companion for business venturists, who have set their ambitions, to go beyond the sky. It is among the most important tool for every leaders and managers who seek agility and efficiency to their business processes, furthermore leading to great sales and ROI.

Every industry is unique with their own processes and needs, and the ERP software solutions are supposed to effectively shoulder their needs. For instance, let us see, how an ERP software can assist trading organisations.

Trading industry buy and stock their products until the right time, later selling it to the customers with a price depending upon the regions and market demand. An ERP software for trading industry is needed to manage stock and supply chain, as well as keep a track of changing needs within the market. Sage 300, a smart ERP software from world’s top providers is a perfect solution to all the hassles of a trading industry


Let us see the benefits of ERP for trading business:


  1. Easy to procure and data warehousing:

As trading organizations requires purchasing goods from local vendors, manufacturers, importer, etc. with different cost and tax. Sage 300 ERP tracks all your purchase, while recording vendor’s statutory and contacting information as well.


  1. Stock maintenance and SCM:

Trading organizations need to maintain the stock at multiple location and transfer it swiftly as per the requirements. Sage 300 ERP provides the functionality for stock management and allows the user to transfer and receipt the shipment of stock as well as track the shipment process, until it is delivered to its location.


  1. Sales management

Trading organizations sell the items, which are available in their warehouses at varying prices to earn profit. However, it can get tedious task to maintain and track the changing prices. But, Sage 300 ERP can seamlessly assist the sales process while maintaining price-list, which can be shared and accessed by all the authorized users.


  1. Reports

Trading organizations need information on real time to optimize their profitability. Moreover, the demand and prices keeps on changing, and precise reports are needed so as to stay on their better side. Sage 300 ERP provides to the point accuracy while generating reports that includes market trends, past sales and current statistics.


With Sage 300’s cloud storability, multi-channel integration and efficient process management modules, add the proficiency of a world-class ERP software for your Trading organisation, and never skip a chance to hit profit as market changes. To know more about Sage 300, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or mail us at for free demo and consultation.


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