ERP for Trading Organizations

ERP for Trading Organizations

With ability to efficiently run a business organisation, evaluating optimal business strategies, enhancing production and helping you grow at each and every stage, it is pretty obvious ERP software is an essential tool for entrepreneurs from all background.

Now, trading industries are different from manufacturing or service industries. A trading industry consists of buying and selling items at varying price range, wherein the trader is always at risk to face a major loss on wrong investment. However, with Sage 300, a leading ERP solution can perfectly handle all the hassles of the industry, while easily fulfilling all the needs and requirement of trading business.

As trading industry follows the concept of procuring goods with a specific cost, stocking the goods in the multiple warehouses and selling it to the customers with different price across the regions on market demand. Sage 300 can easily manage all these processes on a single platform, keeping you updated with all the new products, inventory stock and market trends, to provide you with a leading edge against all your rivals.


Let us see the benefits of ERP for trading business:


  1. Easy to procure and cost maintenance with smooth process: 

As trading organizations requires purchasing goods from local vendors, manufacturers, importer, dealers etc. with different cost and tax. Sage 300 ERP allows you to make purchase from vendor with their currency and keep a record of vendor’s statutory information and other details for further dealing or reports.


  1. Stock maintenance and warehouse handling at multiple locations

Trading organizations need to maintain the stock at multiple location and transfer it from one location to another as per the requirement. Sage 300 ERP provides the functionality for stock management and allow user to transfer, receipt and shipment of stock as well as help in a smooth SCM until the final delivery has been made.


  1. Sales management

For a trader, the value of their inventory may vary depending upon the market needs and trends, as well as availability of the product, and thus a well-planned sales planning is necessary to make the most out of the available market opportunity. With Sage 300 ERP solutions, analyse market, record current sales data, plan your marketing strategy and ultimately enhance your sales


  1. Reports

The easiest way to hit success is by being prepared for any circumstances, for which it is essential that you be supplied with accurate data at all times. Sage 300 is a business intelligent tool that can analyse the market condition and previous sales history and provide you with precise reports and sales forecast as and when needed.

Therefore, an ERP solution is necessary for trading industry as to manage their business effectively and proficiently. With the rising market rivalry, an easy to use and advanced ERP solution can help you grow indefinitely. To know more about how Sage 300 can help your trading business, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.


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