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ERP implementation errors SMBs make

ERP Implementation
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In the years gone, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has made itself useful to various businesses across the globe, irrespective of their size or stature. Its efficiency at managing business can help you reduce the manual interpretation and enhance the overall processes. Furthermore, the reporting system can easily analyze and calculate the profit-loss of your business and keep you prepared for all the upcoming challenges.

However, ERP are often taken in as two sided swords because they may kick back for a failed implementation. Though, it may not be completely true, as ERP failures are indeed nightmarish to various small businesses, but most of them occur due to firms own mistakes, and if we could root these flaws out , the ERP software can boost your business up soaring.

The ERP implementation errors made by SMBs:

 1. Poor planning:

Nothing great was ever achieved in absence of proper planning, and the same implies to your business as well. In order to achieve a long lasting success for your business and safe ERP implementation, it is quintessential that you plan each and every processes smartly (as per your needs).

2. Poor Expenditure:

Many SMBs carelessly expend their resources on needless customization, which in return increases the implementation time and cost. And going by the statistics, it accounts to most of the implementation failures and thus all your expenditures are in need to be made cautiously.

3. Impatience: 

ERP implementation may take time, and may thus affect your various processes, however, if the leaders go impatient over this span of time rushing for the results, it will lead to further damage, leading to a devastating failure.

4. Lack of expertise: 

It is crucial for you to understand that ERP software solutions are new for your employees and they may need your support and time to get used to it. Thus, planning training programs, collecting knowledge or even asking for professional help can do wonders for them to adapt smoothly to the change.

5. Immature Go-Live: 

As stated earlier, SMBs need to have patience while ERP implementation, even as you approach a successful completion. You need to test whether all the data fed are accurate, cross-check employee training, verify compatibility of the software with your system & needs and make sure all the pieces are implied right before you decide to go live with your efficient managing.

Thus, to conclude with, ERP implementation may be hefty and time-consuming process, however, once you make through it with proper planning and patience, it can single handedly take over your business hassles leaving you with a winning hand. To know more about safe ERP implementations with Sage, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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