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Does your ERP Software needs Customization ?

ERP Software needs Customization
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ERP Software needs Customization

ERP customization is made uniquely for a business to function efficiently. It provides features which are industry specific to maximize productivity. ERP software is a highly recommended business management software to enhance the operational efficiency of any business. A 2020 survey says that 93% of organizations reported that their ERP projects were successful.

Implementing an ERP system is a boon to the enterprise in this digitalized world. In this decade, there is no shortage of ERP systems in the market. Researching and finding the right ERP system you desire for your company is easy. What is most important here is ERP customization.

ERP system is expensive, so you might wonder if customizations are necessary. Well, the answer is yes. Businesses are now highly competitive, especially in this age. To stay ahead of the game, customizations are helpful. The main goal of ERP customization is to meet even the minute requirement of your business.

What is ERP software?

Enterprise resource planning system, is a business management software that efficiently manages the day-to-day business processes. It streamlines your business functions, and it is resilient. It is like a central nervous system of the business, analyzing all the areas of the company and finding the right remedy.

All the business operations are significant for the continuous workflow of the enterprise. It has to operate simultaneously to increase workflow and productivity. If there are bottlenecks in one of the departments, it affects the whole system. Some of the core operations of any industry are listed below.

  • End-to-end transparency in the supply chain operations.
  • Procurement of raw materials from the supplier.
  • Maintaining an accurate record of financials.
  • Generating business forecasts and reports.
  • Tracking inventory in real-time.
  • Shipment or logistics.
  • Connecting multiple e-commerce platforms.

Data is an integral part of any business. In a business, it costs a lot to lose or misplace data. Here ERP software collects all the data, optimizes it and stores it in silos. All the data which is optimized is stored in a centralized database. This gives an advantage to the users to access data anytime and on any device.

Modern ERP software can be extended as a company expands. In addition, these ERP systems openly embrace third-party plug-ins and the latest technology. Technologies like Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can enhance the efficiency of the business. This is a significant advantage for a business.

What is ERP customization?

ERP systems are designed to provide more significant advantages and simplified options to conduct business efficiently. Customizing ERP software has multiple benefits to render for a business. So what happens when you customize ERP solutions?

ERP customization and configuration is changing the original programming code from the ERP developer. It is the choice of the business owners to create an ERP system suiting company’s unique business process. It’s like adding specific features necessary for the business to function effectively. ERP customizations can sometimes solve off-the-shelf issues of the business.

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Benefits of ERP customization

Company’s opting for customized ERP can attain enhanced benefits.

Accelerate growth

Companies which is customized and aligned to suit their business needs experience efficiency in the business process. Customizing automation can improve speed and visibility in the business.

Easily flexible to changing conditions

Customized ERP can quickly adapt to emerging trends and changing business conditions. On-demand it can be tuned to work effectively.


Custom ERP system has a powerful built-in feature helping businesses to achieve their goals. It simplifies complex business processes assisting companies in reaching their success. Plus, customization is one sort of innovation.

Operational efficiency

ERP customization is built to match your business infrastructure. So there will be an increased workflow and higher productivity.


ERP customizations can be easier to use effectively than standard ERP software.

Difference between ERP customization vs ERP configuration

ERP customization and configuration are different but somehow mistaken by many as the same. ERP configuration is a setting, a parameter in built-in ERP software. A setting or a parameter is laid out as a set of rules. Coding is not necessary to enable or disable the setting.

In contrast, ERP customization requires changes made in coding. Customizations can be either new features added to the software or integration between the software with third-party plug-ins.

Risks linked to ERP customization

ERP customization is always a boon to the business, but sometimes unnecessary customization can be risky. Enumerated are a few risks that may occur.

Understanding proper code

ERP customization supercharges a business’ operational efficiency and removes all deficiencies. To get the perfect customized ERP software, you must find an expert to write the code. A code that can be easily understandable in the original ERP.

Risk of losing data

When you are customizing your software, transactions must flow seamlessly. Every transaction is protected by validation and other security measures so that the data remains common and can be retrieved through reports and different ways in a consistent manner. The point is that your customization should abide by all the validation rules, or you will risk losing data.

Drifting away from the best practices of original ERP

It is a common fact that the developers have designed the ERP solution by installing the best practices that help the business operate successfully. Here is the risk, sometimes, because of customization, you may lose the benefit of experiencing the best, which would have been a boon to your business.

Issues in maintaining ERP customization

In the future, if there is no need for this specific customization, it must be changed based on the scenario.

Suppose the customization is helping your business, and if the ERP developer fails to upgrade the code, you will have to find an expert to write code for updating.

Losing support for ERP customization

ERP implementation is complex. If the ERP customization does not support other domains, it is a risk for your business to operate.

It is better to avoid unnecessary customization as it will risk your business. Your business will only improve if you find support for your customization.

Is it necessary to customize your ERP?

Consider if you need an ERP customization. The significant risk is that you must customize coding if you don’t get a suitable expert to write further coding to upgrade, you will have to change the entire system. Gather insights and choose the right ERP vendor to help you with the customization. Don’t do unnecessary customization. First, plan the area where the customization will help you the most. The original ERP system can help businesses efficiently, and fewer customizations can enhance productivity.

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Sage X3

Sage X3 ERP software is the perfect solution to accelerate the growth of your business. It can streamline all business operations and is resilient. It is a flexible, faster, agile and modular solution for businesses. It performs all the core functions like speeding up the supply chain process, data transparency, viewing data in real-time, efficient inventory management, proper maintenance of accounts and many more. It is customizable and embraces the latest technologies. Implement this software to speed up your business operations and see the highest growth and revenue.

Sage 300

Sage 300 ERP system is an intelligent solution to manage your day-to-day business activities. It is a cloud-based solution to support small and medium-sized businesses globally. It is a perfect solution if your business needs to progress. Benefits of this software include efficiency in the manufacturing process, supply chain management, BI and reporting, financials, customer service and vendor management. Multiple businesses have benefited from implementing Sage 300 for their business. It also can be customized based on business requirements. To learn more about our software, visit our website.

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