CRM features required by an SME

Five CRM Features, every SMB needs to have

When a SMB grows and starts to perform well, it gradually becomes a tedious task to efficiently handle all the increased daily operations while efficiently handling sales. Moreover, the sales team is additionally tasked with managing old leads while following up with the new ones. Tasks such as monitoring the leads & opportunities and providing customer satisfaction gets onerous. In this case, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application will be useful for the SMBs to have a singular view of all their data. Sales management, Customer management and Operations become much easier. Though it may seem easier, many available CRMs do not have a lot of these CRM features which are the basic need of an organization. In those times, the SMBs end up paying for customizations. In this blog, we will be talking about the five most important features that every SMBs need to have in their CRM Software.


5 Important CRM features that a SMB needs:


  1. Multi-Platform Availability

A CRM solution should have multi-platform accessibility, which enables the users to access the application from any location and on any devices. Therefore, in order to update the lead and customer related information the sales person will not have to be dependent upon a single workstation. Multi-platform accessibility can also bring the CRM operations to the palm of your hands with mobile devices. Follow up of lead, updating the warehouse about locking quantity becomes much more easier and real time.


  1. Pipeline Management

Sales pipeline and pipeline management as CRM features provide a visual representation of all the leads and their status, usually in one single interactive dashboard. The management can know the situation and the lead status of each prospect. This pipeline is customizable to incorporate the process in which an organization operates its business and are much needed CRM features. A Sales pipeline should not be too difficult to navigate or drill down. The CRM software should be smart enough to understand the user requirement and present a smart and easy to understand data.


  1. Lead Scoring and Management

A good CRM lets you handle your lead management and gives your sales team all the information they need from a single screen. Since a CRM stores leads information it allows the user to assign a score to the lead based on multiple questionnaire. The scoring mechanism helps us to identify and prioritize the top rated leads. Along with this, the sales team can maintain all their communication with the lead in a single place so that all the associated teams and departments can see the communication and the present solution on a timely basis to any customer enquiry.

  1. Ease of Use

Ease of use should be the basic CRM feature that an SMB should look forward to have in his CRM system. A good CRM solution should have user-friendly interfaces; it should also have help tips to self-learn the system. A CRM system should act as a helping hand to all the users rather than providing complex screen navigations and tedious process to follow. There is immense time lost in finding the right screen where the data has been input and even more time wasted to learn about the system.


  1. Flexibility

Flexibility to integrate other systems and scalability to grow with the business are some CRM features that a CRM software should have. With growing business, SMBs too start to grow and if their CRM is not flexible or scalable, they may soon need a new CRM software or integrated another tier of CRM. To avoid such a scenario, the SMB needs to invest in a good CRM software which will be a catalyst in his growth and not a road block.


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