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5 Simple Tips for CRM Marketing with Covid-19 In Mind

CRM Marketing
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5 Simple Tips for CRM Marketing with Covid-19 In Mind

As we all continue to adjust to the countless challenges posed by COVID-19, personally and professionally, Target Marketing wants its audience to know that we are here for you, and want to stay as connected as possible. While its utmost important to maintain the safety of the employees, it is also very important to maintain a good balance of managing your work from home so that you stay informed, inspired, and successful.

Here, are few of the points focusing on the CRM Marketing insights that will give you an idea of how to handle the impact of COVID -19 on your business with the help of Sage CRM.

1. IVR and Mass Mailing –

The ability of Sage CRM to integrate with an IVR application helps to enable process driven communication for your investments from and within Sage CRM. It effectively supports both pre and post sales aspects of your business. It will not only help with the Marketing campaigns but also with the self-service and survey management. Enabling the Sage CRM and Telephony system integration helps to increase business & improve customer reach and service.

The ability to manage mass mailing with the help of Groups from CRM helps to enable marketing to a certain extent by sending newsletter, product and service announcements and marketing messages with an ease. For an advanced level of Email Marketing, Sage CRM’s in – built Mailchimp integration ability comes into picture.

2. Adjust for relationship marketing (and focus on human interactions) –

During these times of global crisis, it is much important to show empathy towards your customers than ever before. Many of you follow the same practice as earlier i.e. of blast emails to the customer or post it on social media. However, mass messaging might not be the best way. You should instead create personal connections, not because it will benefit the business but because it is what your customers need.

Create segments of customers based on their relationship with your brand. For example, what their loyalty status is, those who have birthday’s this month, etc. Then, hand them over to your Tele caller teams for special treatment. That’s what relationship means.

3. Brace for changes in customer preferences (and dynamically adjust strategies) 

Due to such unpredictable changes in outside world, it is very much obvious to observe changes while dealing with the customers as well. Not all customers will behave the same, and behaviour might change week-to-week or even day-to-day, so don’t quickly jump to conclusions. A customer may demand a change in not only related to Product or Service preference but also in the mode of communication.

The Ability to create Templates for Emails, SMS as well as the Script for the Calling team within Sage CRM; helps to inform the Marketing team all at once and maintain the consistency in dealing with the customer.

4. Aim for certainty (and lean into your customer base)–

With customer behaviours and preferences changing and digital channel costs rising while budgets shrink, it probably isn’t the best time to try out new acquisition strategies. Similarly, it might be time to rethink whether to use intent-based audiences as a default.

One tip to create a maximum level of certainty is to focus on customers you know and leverage their unique characteristics to uncover new audiences. For example, create segments of your VIPs or longest standing customers and use them as lookalike audiences across advertising platforms. Refreshing your audiences weekly or daily will ensure that you control uncertainty as much as possible.

5. Don’t panic! (and breath)–

Do not get into the urge to reach to the depth of your database in order to reach each and every customer. Be calm, make sound decisions, show empathy in how you plan, create, and execute your marketing strategies, and double down on the customers you know – there’s less uncertainty there.

We all are looking for some normalcy in these hectic times. Give that to your customers.

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