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Get the Right People for Your Big Data Journey

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So you are planning to invest in big data? You might be perplexed as who should lead the crew and what the team should work upon at first? How would you address these big questions? Businesses often find themselves in troubled waters when it comes to big data.

Here’s how your organisation can avoid fumbling for that trip down the big data lane. Yes, it all boils down to the kind of people you have for your big data voyage to sail smoothly.

How to go about it?

First, understand that big data is a not new phenomenon. In fact, it’s been here since decades and we have been already dealing with it. What’s new is the fact that a lot of recent technologies today are open source allowing us to match and merge all the data. For instance, today a business can integrate its social media data with its CRM software data followed by integrating it with the sales database.


Problem area:

A staggering number of businesses when starting with big data commit the grave mistake of perceiving business intelligence and big data as one and the same.

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This is why you require a different set of talents for your big data project to be a hit. Make sure that you recruit a dedicated team of people for the project.


You can have certain responsibilities and roles. For example, there is always a need to have a sponsor or stakeholder. But chances are that your sponsor or stakeholder for a particular project may be the marketing head, whereas the next project requirements may call for the CIO or CTO to chip in as sponsor or stakeholder. It depends on the project type, which is another pivotal aspect of your big data journey.


Who would be running the big data crew could change depending on the scope of the project. It’s not once and for all kind of game. A company should build its big data crew considering the fact that the headship of the crew will shift every time for each new project.


This is an agile approach, which requires the team to change as per the project’s requisites. This means that the team will be a fine mix of external talents, contractors, freelancers, data scientists, etc.


Provided the very nature of a big data project, some will perish early while others might go that extra mile. Having said that, it is important to create and have a proper hierarchy that makes your big data journey agile and flexible.

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