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Getting Personal, But Not Too Personal with CRM

CRM For Privacy
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When it comes to strengthening customer relationships, personalisation is counted to be one of the strongest tools for CRM (customer relationship management). If used properly, CRM personalisation can help create a strong bond with customers whilst fortifying trust and moving the business forward. On the other hand, improper usage may lead to losing potential customers thus, damaging business reputation and trust.

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Here are few things to keep in mind when personalizing your CRM efforts:

  1. Customers are less forgiving: The very basic thing to remember is the fact that customers are less forgiving when you screw up a personalized contact. When personalizing, it is important that you make no mistakes. Attempting personalisation will raise the bars high only if you get it done right. Moreover, making a mistake will leave a bad mark due to which customers may not want to deal with you in future. Some of the basic things to be taken care of in personalizing an interaction is the customer’s name and address. As a misspelled name or wrong address may turn off the customer right away. 
  2.  Message has to be appropriate: The second major thing that needs to be taken care of is customers’ interests and tastes. Personalized interaction cannot be simply generated in a haphazard manner. It needs a list of pre-requisites to be met successfully such as a list of customers suitable and their interests for the personalized message. Further, make sure that the message is appropriate and reflects the customer’s interests and penchant. This is where customer intelligence comes into play. Do you really know your customers? 
  3.  Never disclose Customer Information: Last but not the least, keep in mind the purpose of the communication. Strong customer relationships are built on trust and not by showing off how much you know about them. Personalisation is a strong herb. Spicing up your message with a little spice overwhelms the result. However, remember that there is a thin line in exposing the customer information and showing off, as it may turn the customer off.

Personalizing messages requires a little effort as well as due care and when accomplished in proper manner, it paves way for stronger customer relationship and loyalty.

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