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Happy Social Distancing with Social CRM

Social CRM
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There is no escaping the fact that COVID-19 is a reality. The whole world has come to a screeching halt and governments have enforced lock down. People are forced to work from their homes. Remote working culture has its own set of challenges. Companies struggle a lot when it comes to maintaining team coordination, delivering the same quality of service to its customers, and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline while employees work from home.

However, even before the remote working was enforced upon companies, businesses already stopped limiting their scope of work to files, spreadsheets or some business management tool; but has drawn-out to social media as well.

Social CRM is the extension of the data collected and stored by your Customer Relationship Management tool concerned with the data stream your organization specifically deals with. While the teams follow remote working culture, companies can leverage social media for leads, prospects and even for getting the service feedback. People familiar to Customer Relationship Management or CRM will also be familiar to the fact that Social CRM exists and so does managing it through CRM.

In today’s highly competitive world, it is very important for business owners to remember that even if they aren’t using social outlets for business purpose, their customers does. Social media platform is very effective when it comes to handle customers, be it a prospect or a potential customer.

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It is important to know that social media platforms can be very powerful when it comes to drive in prospects or lose potential customers if not handled properly. Customers are using social media quite frequently to raise their opinions or complaints. And when they do that, they expect to get response on their complaints instantly. Keeping the concerns raised on social media unattended leaves a negative impact on a huge level. Thus, the key is to be helpful and engaging and never be dismissive and unresponsive.

Here are three easy tips to help any business control Social CRM to their benefit –

1. Have conversation with customers –

Engage in conversation with your potential customers. Your sales team should be the first one to respond to your clients, since acknowledging and rewarding those who take time to comment about your products is the best way to cultivate repeated and long term business.

2. Practice transparency –

Responding to messages or complaints on social media helps the business to demonstrate that they care by not hiding the efforts to help in any way. Be it a review or a complaint, responding them through private or direct messages will prove as a missed opportunity in terms of customer service.

3. Social media roundups –

Periodic round ups of the social media mentions, helps your business to attend missed complaints as well as give a thanks to those customers who complimented your product or service.

When Social CRM comes into picture, the basics of Customer Relationship Management or providing customer services doesn’t change. Social CRM is simply one of the methodology, a new platform which helps to practice these principles.

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