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Harnessing Sales History for a Rewarding Sales Future with CRM

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Sales CRM history has taught us time and time again that we should always learn from our past. When it comes to sales, history teaches us that selling is a lot like art. So if you have the right kind of talent in your team, you will keep on generating revenue. However, this archaic stereotype seems to be fading these days. Let’s see how.

Now to learn from your sales history, you ought to reflect on the data and utilize insights achieved to improve performance. And whilst CRM solutions have been perceived as mere systems or database, but when used appropriately, a sales CRM software can tell you a lot about your sale history than you would have imagined. Here’s how you can harness the power of sales history for a rewarding sales future with the help of a CRM solution.

Poor Links and Super Users

Stellar sales reps and super users are the ones who know the process in and out. So why not leverage their tools for productivity and gain a bounty of sales knowledge. If you are able to identify the niche area for super users, you could exploit that area to drive sales. Imagine the revenue that can be generated here. Your CRM tool should help you fetch this data.


The Science of Sales

Despite sales being deemed as an art, scientific methods come into play when you identify a problem and put up a strategy in place. Now imagine how successful and organized this process would be if the sales leaders harness scientific methods to gauge and improve the performance of sales reps.


This is very much doable with the right set of techniques and tools in place. First, you ought to determine your objective, which can be either improving revenue, efficiency or mitigating losses. Next, you ought to decide key data points that your sales crew should capture to monitor the success. As it is measured and tracked within the CRM solution, you can lay hands on a record of sales activities and results that you can leverage to make informed decisions in future.


CRM as a Coach

Often, CRM fails to be the key player when it comes to one-on-one team meetings or peer reviews with sales reps and managers. If the CRM system is used aptly, activities of all your sales reps will reflect in the conversion rates. In fact, it will be tracked in your sales pipeline reports. Leveraging the data provided by your CRM tool will offer an unbiased and clear view of the sales process besides providing data-driven insights into the performance of each sales rep. Furthermore, if a sales team is able to run these powerful reports in your CRM system, then it should not be a difficult thing for each sales rep in the team to explain their stronger and weaker areas.



In 2017 and beyond, CRM systems would not remain as mere database or a technology, but it would rather turn more of science. Time to understand that sales is not an art, but a fusion of science and art. The best sales teams would identify metrics and evaluate success rates. Time to look back at your sale history in your CRM system and mull over future sales.

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