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How AI is creating smarter email journeys?

AI to create smarter email journeys
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With Google announcing the biggest upgrade for its renowned email client Gmail, things are certainly looking promising for email marketing. Yes, email marketing is up for an exciting overhaul. Advance AI-powered features means more room for personalization when it comes to email marketing. AI to create smarter email journeys as artificial intelligence has successfully bridged the gap between online shopping and traditional shopping by offering more boot space for personalization.

It’s 2018 already and marketers all across the globe are increasingly looking out for savvier and improved ways for implementing artificial intelligence in their email marketing strategies. So the question is can AI create smarter email journeys for customers?

But before we delve into the how’s, let us take a look as why marketers would want to create smarter email journeys for their customers. Simply put, AI to create smarter email journeys enables a brand to provide personalized email journeys to its audience. Further, personalization results in improved brand loyalty and more conversions.

How AI to create smarter email journeys?

Here’s how marketing professionals can make use of AI to create smarter email journeys:

  1. Aces your content game

Content undoubtedly is the most apparent aspect of email marketing that could reap the benefits of automation. It could be anything from subject line to body and images in the layout. The old-school and traditional way that marketers use is testing permutations and combinations of these for determining what works the best, but this practice is prone to unintentional bias/errors and is time-consuming as well. This is where AI can come to your rescue!

Yes, AI to create smarter email journeys will not only help you learn in a quick manner about the combinations that work, but will also save a lot of time and efforts that a marketing team spends on A/B testing their emailers. Most importantly, it will help pick the most apt and right combination for each of your marketing campaigns.

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  1. Drives click through rates

A good marketer knows that it takes a mere three seconds to grab a reader’s attention. Therefore, you certainly can’t risk that odd by shooting the right mail with the right message to the right recipient, but at the wrong time! Sending out a comprehensive email to all your customers at the same time is a lot like beating around the bush and hoping that you will hit one.

However, machine-learning algorithms powered by an AI-powered tool will help you send the right message at the right time when the user is most likely to open it thus, improving click through rates of your emails. It does this by analyzing the past behavior of each user or customer. For instance, you might be getting an email early in the morning, but your colleague or friend will receive the same email in the evening based on their email activities. Such personalization can go a long way to boost the success rates of an email campaign by improving the click through rates thus, driving incremental revenue and conversion rates.

  1. Improves customer engagement

Personalized recommendations for products or services in an email is a sure-fire way to improve your click-through rates, customer engagement and eventually, sales. Handpicking products or services that would interest each of your customer is not next to impossible for a human brain. AI algorithms on the other hand analyze huge volumes of customer data including purchase history, past behavior, online activities to predict and create super-personalized suggestions for each customer out there. Simply put, AI  to create smarter email journeys helps in creating highly targeted email campaigns with dynamic recommendations.



While AI as a concept is exciting as well as scary for some, it is highly important for email marketers to take it with a pinch of salt like with any other technology and start small. Ensure that you are arm with the right technologies and tool to implement AI in your email marketing campaigns. And while you do so, continue with the best email marketing practices and keep your readers/customers engaged.


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