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How CRM can change the Game of Pipeline Management?

CRM For Pipeline Management
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Pipeline management is as crucial to a company as profits, since pipeline is what helps a company decide future steps, forecast sales and chalk out strategies to meet its revenue targets. Pipeline management is the core of any CRM software. With Sage CRM, access to pipeline module becomes easier with real time information anytime, anywhere and on any device.


The Pipeline Module in Sage CRM will allow the Management, the regional sales head and sales personnel to view their leads and opportunities all in a unified hub, get a track of communications and actions against these records, and keep a track of their progress. The view can also be mapped in such a way that each salesperson can access, modify and work on his/her leads while the management gets to view all the leads with smart filtering and interactive dashboards and reports to get actionable data.


How CRM can change the Game of Pipeline Management?


Sales Director or Sales Manager will be able to judge the performance of his subordinate by running the report right from the pipeline data available on Dashboards. This will provide more understanding of how each sales person is performing.


How CRM can change the Game of Pipeline Management?


In addition to this, effective pipeline management helps in getting clear view for forecasting. Getting to know the actual status of the opportunity through the pipeline helps the sales person as well as the sales managers to take appropriate actions within time for successful closure of the deal.


The quality and quantity of leads are responsible for gaining bigger and better sales. However, appropriate management of these leads or opportunities through various phases of sales life cycle are responsible for conversions.


Effective communication management along with understanding the customer needs and planning meticulously is what Sage CRM helps you do. For more information, write to Sage Software Solutions at


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