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How do Business Intelligent Reports help define Business Strategy?

How do Business Intelligent Reports help define Business Strategy?
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Reports of any kind are occasionally needed in any business to study and evaluate the progress of the business and what steps are needed to make the business intelligent reports better and drive more profits and growth for the company.

Reports like trend analysis, customer survey, sales pipeline study the past performance of the company over a period of time and present the data in an easy format like graphs, charts, numbers, etc. basis on which, the company is able to take certain strategic decisions and increase productivity. The types of reports can be classified into: decision making, compliance and status report.

To look in all of them briefly:

    1. Policy Reports: These kind of reports provide an in detail report on all the policies that are implemented in an organization. From reimbursement policies to IT policies, these kind of reports determine the budget and the spending capacity of the company. Role and Designation wise benefits are also detailed in the policy for use of HR and Admin.


    1. Compliance Report: Compliance reports like financial reports give an insight for the company which government policy it is supposed to abide with. These reports are prepared quarterly, monthly and yearly. These reports are very essential for shareholders to take decisions regarding the further investments.


    1. Status Report: These reports are sent mostly on a daily basis to the superiors by their team / juniors stating the tasks that they have done for the day. These reports come in handy while critical projects are underway and they need to be monitored closely.


  1. Decision – Making reports: These reports are very critical in nature since it helps the company to take strategic decisions regarding their growth and revenue. Reports like Sales Forecast, Marketing campaigns, etc, are very essential for a company since they provide insights on where the company is standing. These Business Intelligent Reports are basis on which company takes major decisions like investing or divesting.

Decision making reporting form a part of analytical reporting or Business Intelligent Reports which form the base for taking strategic decisions in a company. Over here, it is very important that the company has an efficient enterprise system in place like ERP and CRM which will help the Business Intelligent Reports to have clear insights on where they are standing.

Clean dashboards, maximum visibility is the crux of efficient reporting. With best in class solutions like Sage ERP and Sage CRM, one not only gets visible reporting but also helps in analyzing and presenting the executives with actionable information to help them take more informed decisions. Business Intelligent Reports applies variety of tools and applications enabling an organization to collect data from the internal as well as external sources.

Intelligent dashboards which provide complete data visualizations help make the analytical results and forecasts available for the corporate decision makes and also the executive staff. For more information on how can you also generate intelligent reports, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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