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How ERP Facilitates WFH during COVID-19

ERP for Work For home
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Companies across the world are trying to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak by encouraging their employees to maintain social distancing and formulating work from home policies. The following article throws light on how ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, helps companies do just that.


What is ERP?

ERP is an enterprise management software that streamlines business processes. It shares information between managers, workers, executives, and different departments that brings them all to the same page. If inconsistencies are detected in a particular area it alerts all those people that are directly or indirectly affected by it. This allows the concerned authorities to take appropriate action before minor issues turn into complex problems.


Features of ERP system

  1. Helps save resources by limiting investments on multiple systems, personnel, licenses, and maintenance staff. An ERP platform takes control of all these functions and carries them out on its own.
  2. It provides a central repository of data and makes it accessible to every department. This allows for easy tracking of inter-departmental business workflows.
  3. Tracks inventory levels regularly and automatically order items from the best possible vendors.
  4. Eliminates the need for spreadsheets by generating useful data reports and analytics. This enables easy comparison of functions across different departments.
  5. Enables speedy access to client data that helps sales and customer service teams to build better relations with clients.
  6. It provides a high degree of data security. Cloud ERP systems provide data authorization to only a selected few and are managed by data security experts round the clock.
  7. Significantly improves supply chain management by shortening lead times, better inventory management, procurement, and demand forecasting.


How ERP facilitates work from home during COVID-19?

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.” When the world is going through the coronavirus outbreak, people have been advised to work from home. This is where ERP systems play their role. ERP systems have a remote working ability that helps geographically dispersed teams to collaborate and brainstorm. Moreover, it enables teams to buy inventory, purchase orders, share files, conduct meetings, and service client requests with the help of a mouse and a keyboard.


The COVID-19 outbreak has wreaked havoc on the planet. As of now, there is no vaccine available. Thus, it is advisable not to go out and expose yourself to the deadly virus. This is where we can help you. At Sage, we are home to industry-leading ERP platform that enables you to communicate with your clients proactively and help your business stay agile. To know more about them, You can also write to us at


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