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How Mobile CRM will make you a better Salesperson in 2020?

Mobile CRM
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In our previous blog on Social CRM, we had discussed about how by 2020, with the scope of mobile CRM there will be around 3.7 billion people active on Social Media and that companies should now explore and invest in Social CRM. What is also crucial and should not be overlooked, is the role of mobile in the same. As per the statistics, by the end of 2020, India alone will account for nearly 12.5 percent of the global smartphone market.

India is rapidly advancing in the technological space. With the growing population and increasing smartphone penetration, India is going mobile and digital. Smartphone and internet is not just for the rich and wealthy but more users are becoming informed by getting access of mobile internet. Out of the 1.25 billion people in India, there is huge internet penetration generating a 70% traffic from mobile alone.

This opens up a huge scope for Mobile CRM for businesses in India. Why specifically for India? Because in India, businesses happen with a personal touch and not remotely over a webinar or a Skype session. Face to face meetings, on site demos and negotiation form the heart of an Indian business and from a small vendor to a large scale enterprise, there will hardly be any deal which will be sealed over the phone. The touch and feel factor is still prevalent in industries.

When businesses are conducted in this model, the salesperson will be required to go often on a client visit to give a demonstration of the product, close the deal or negotiate. It is important hence, in such an environment, that he is constantly updated and enabled with proper tools to help him close the deal.

Imagine a situation where the salesperson, Mr. Rahul, working for a laptop company goes to a retail outlet to close a deal. The retail owner asks Mr. Rahul for 20 laptops. Rahul calls his warehouse and asks if the quantity is there, after getting a confirmation, he signs up the deal and promises delivery the next day. On coming back to office, he realizes that in the absence of the warehouse manager, the staff have already delivered 18 pieces of laptop to another retail. Here, there is a risk of losing the deal altogether.

Now image, Rahul goes to the retail owner just this time with a Mobile enabled CRM. When the owner asks for the set of laptop, Rahul just opens the CRM and checks the quantity in Inventory. On getting confirmation, Rahul again goes to the CRM and locks the set of inventory for himself. He fills in the detail of the client and goes back assured to his company. Now, there is no fear of loss of any deal as the whole organization is connected via the CRM.

Not only real time update of inventory, but also real time feeding in of data and updating customer data on the go is what will enable the Salesperson of today to grow without any hindrance. Mobile CRM does not only ensure mobility, but also real time update and accessibility from anywhere and any device.

Other benefits of Mobile CRM include giving demo on the go, sending meeting requests to technical teams back at office, being socially connected with customers and building the brand image of the company. There is a stark difference what a Mobile CRM will bring to an organization as compared to the standard traditional methods.

Updating leads, customer information, keeping a tab on opportunities and pipeline when not in office, is a must now in any organization. Mobile CRM also enables management to take strategic decisions even when their salesperson is not in office. Not only being connected with the customers and company providing a better customer service, but also able to take decisions when the situation calls for it, is what makes Mobile CRM the most sought after technology of 2020.

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