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How Sage 300 Helps to Keep an Eye on Industrial Scrap

Sage 300
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Scrap, as we all know is an unavoidable by-product for every manufacturing industry, and needs to be taken care of, as it not only fills up your inventory but also slows down your production rate. Scraps are generally the excessive material generated during various production processes, these excessive wastage further accounts upon the finances of the company, increasing the cost of production. .

Now, when it comes to controlling and managing scrap, manufacturers may have the below entailed queries in mind:

  • How to track scrap at different workstations
  • How to check the machine wise scrap
  • How to plan production to reduce the percentage of scrap at every production stage & to achieve the maximum output.
  • How to check what components are being used in production process, segregated in terms of the quantity and color.

And the answer to all these queries is Sage 300, a multi-functional ERP software that can manage all your assets, manufacturing processes, production planning etc. seamlessly. The smart and easy to use business management maestro can take care of all your business processes effectively minimizing the overall waste / scrap generation. Sage 300 comes up with intuitive modules that lets you manage all your resources such as human resource, finance resources, inventory, etc. wherein you can plan, assign and track all the process for an optimal production. Furthermore, Sage 300 ERP solution’s precise reports generation can help the management to keep an eye on functioning of manufacturing processes going in plant and plan the future steps smartly.

Since all processes and inventory can be seen on one platform itself, the department heads and the management can see how much of trash is being generated and can identify and solve problems of wastage and over generation of scrap. The Manufacturing module is efficient for any manufacturing business to enhance their overall performance. The customizable ERP software works as per the requirements of the company, and can be scaled as the industry grows. Thus, ensuring better production rate and minimize wastage, and cost of production.

Selling and buying of industrial scrap is a big business in itself. Hence, even while dealing with various customers, you need to know your inventory status, estimated delivery time and the total money that it will cost. A lot of these data are kept in a physical form which creates more need for space. In this day and age where everything is going digital, your Industrial Scrap company can also work efficiently with all the data on Cloud and access from anywhere, any device and any time. To know more on efficient management of your manufacturing industry, contact us here. You can also SMS Sage to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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