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Cloud-based ERP for Social Presence & Analytics Tracking

Cloud-based ERP for Social Presence & Analytics Tracking
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After remarkable contribution of UI & UX followed by the era of 2.0 Enterprise, IT businesses in India are experiencing the impact of SMAC. SMAC is defined as Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. With more than 1.15B people active on Social and Cloud platforms, SMAC has become a very important place for industries to engage with their clients and partners. Not only that, it helps organizations in critical areas like forecasting, availability of resources, connectivity and allows employees to access required data on the go on a single click. SMAC is transforming and largely impacting the Enterprise Solutions these days. Let us look at all the aspects in detail:




Social media is impacting traditional businesses big time. Organizations who have adopted to these practices are witnesses of significant benefits by adopting to best practises that include Real time responses to customer queries on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., Social Listening, complete social profile and history, analytics, collaboration and data sharing that consumes limited time and resources.

Integrating social media to the enterprise applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) makes it possible for companies to gather business insights and customer insights generated by these platforms. To know what the customer are talking and thinking of the brand is very important for any organization to formulate, reformulate their policies or services.

In such competitive times, it is very important for the brand to not only curb competition but also hold on to their customers and keep them loyal to the firm.



The mobile penetration India is very high. With the advent of Smart Phones, work on the go with real time updates has been encouraged. Mobile devices now has become an important extension to the Enterprise Solutions. It helps an organization to increase their Employee Productivity and reduce the turnaround time by accessing to the required data anywhere and from any device. Mobile devices have also enhanced their user interface to include portability, high screen resolution and finger-swipe functionality that promotes productivity. It also reduces the distance extending the reach of ERP systems to employees, partners and customers.


It also play vital role in product development as well as R & D because the real time inputs from the field force ensures that the company is updating its strategies. Mobile Enterprise Solutions can make you aware of emerging developments, help streamline operations and deliver their superior supply chain visibility.




Business intelligence has become a major component of the most modern midmarket ERP packages that beats into the heart of a company’s performance. Most of the businesses today have more data than they know how to use. Analysis of the required data and then presenting it in a useful manner that helps in decision making process are two tasks that typically organizations are lagging behind.


In today’s business cycle, BI has become a luxury for growing organizations and made them competent to have a close look on their business. Next-generation ERP technology will get a boost from new advances in analytics and business intelligence solutions that will give manufacturers the ability to rapidly uncover the right data sets while providing intelligence.




Cloud (Virtual server) reduces cost of enterprise solutions and allows employees to access to the data at much faster speed. Reduced cost and availability of data forcing enterprises to adopt cloud solutions and move form legacy or traditional environment.

The benefits of SMAC may include:

  1. Improve Marketing Return On Investment through better targeting for campaign
  2. Identify new business opportunities and improve cross/up sell
  3. Increase customer loyalty by improving customer conversations and customer interaction efficiency
  4. Decrease customer service costs through self-help communities and forums
  5. Rapid response to negative information about your business

In today’s era SMAC has been influencing everything. Its influence can be also seen in business software like ERP and CRM. Today, ERP software need to be integrated with social platforms and marketing software to give the company a holistic view of the all the departments and also be in touch with the customer. To know more about new age business software which can enable growth and transparency in your company, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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