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How smart is your CRM?

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Is your CRM system smart enough, like Einstein? Does your CRM software helps to understand your customers and arms its users to interact with all the customers in a confident manner? Is it flexible whilst allowing the users to stay focused on the customers? Yes, a smart CRM system can play a pivotal role when it comes to providing optimum customer experience and understanding your customers.

Sage CRM system is a fully data-driven customer relationship management software popular for its interactive dashboard, user-friendly interface and intelligent reporting functionalities. Being data-driven, it empowers businesses (both small and large enterprises) take better decisions and build robust customer relationships. It enables to create real-time reports to compare data across multiple departments. It provides better insights into sales and marketing trends. In addition, it enhances customer engagement.

Sage CRM’s intelligent reports arm your sales team with smart selling skills. Be it a business leader evaluating overall performance of the company or a sales executive analyzing sales data, the CRM system is capable to generate various reporting tools. You can also turn your reports from simple chart options into visual illustrations.

CRM system reports are intended to help monitor progress of goals, track marketing performance, measure ROI, and increase sales. The dashboard provides you the choice between customized reports. Since there are various reporting tools varying from product-to-product, the broad classification of reporting tools can be classified as:

  1. Sales reports (revenue, pipelines, goals, etc.)
  2. Customer reports (buying patterns, demographics, profitability etc.)
  3. Campaign reports (email, landing pages, lead sources etc.)
5 Powerful Reports to Run in Your CRM System

Let’s talk about some specific tools of sales reports:


Sales Reports (Sales Cycle Reports, Sales Forecast Reports & Sales Conversion Reports)

It is important to figure out the factors affecting sales and revenue of the company across various touchpoints. This is because bad sales can directly impact a company’s revenue. Sales cycle illustrates the average response time and determines average cycle. In order to plan future sales tactics, you must have a clear insight of your sales pipeline. Sales forecast reports help you to exploit the opportunity and win prospects by using current and previous sales trends/data. Most businesses set goals and strategies based on projections achieved from quarterly or monthly forecast reports.

Pipeline Reports

Pipeline reports indicate the progress or lapse of leads depending upon the pending opportunities and decision processes. It helps you forecast future revenue and set goals for your sales team. It enables marketing persons to make proper investments for their campaigns and get a decent ROI. Pipeline reports also help forecast potential sales opportunities. You can also see sales pipeline summary report based on user, team, sales/customer territory, products, date or ratings.

Goal Improvement Reports

These CRM system reports help you forecast how your tactics are working against the predefined sales goals. Goals might be different for different departments. These reports help you compare your target goals with your actual ones and provide great insights into the data. In addition, it allows tracking the number of sold products, resolved cases and so on. Goal improvement reports help maintain coordination among team members enabling management to take right decisions at the right time.

Customers do have complicated buying habits and patterns, which increases the pressure on sales and marketing teams. However, if you have the right and smart CRM system, you can better understand your customers, serve them better and be attentive to their requirements. CRM reports make it easy to track sales and track marketing efforts.

To know how Sage CRM can spruce up your sales and marketing department, contact us here. You can also  drop us a mail at sales@sagesoftware, for free demo and consultation.

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