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How Social CRM Can Improve Your Marketing?

How Social CRM Can Improve Your Marketing
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Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives and that is not a hidden fact. What started as a medium to communicate has evolved exponentially to become an extended arm of our daily life. Shopping, bill payments, product reviews, etc. there is hardly anything that cannot be done via social media platforms. However, in many companies even now, social media is a medium to create brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Social CRM or SCRM is a tool that integrates your official social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to your CRM system and behaves as an extended arm of your organisation.

How Social CRM Can Improve Your Marketing?

  1. Understanding customer’s social behaviour helps improve content 

Social CRM helps you track your customer’s digital footprints and lets you guess their interests, preferences and behaviour. It helps you know and understand the content your target prospects are searching for by tracking their clicks, shares and keywords used by them. Address your customer’s search terms and ameliorate the content style they like to read. Ensure to be on the same channel. This will enable you accomplish maximum traffic.


3 Ways Businesses Are Using Social Media To Sell Smart


  1. The more prospects you approach on social media, the better quality links you entice

Expanding your social network can help improve and maintain your company’s brand reputation. The best way to upsurge your social media efforts is through natural link building. It empowers you to reach your leads, customers, brand advocates, influencers and your supporters in their own way. Discover where your audience is spending their time online and why. Try to address their needs, this will naturally attract high quality link and significantly enhance SEO.


  1. Finding influencers

Rather than targeting the entire audience, identify the ones, who can be your brand advocates. Keep a track of your social media accounts, as your best supporter prospects could be right under your nose. There is a big chance that your loyal clients could be your best advocates. Since you are already in touch with them, you can approach them on warm prospects basis. You can use the same approach to find most popular influencers. This allows you to discover the finest options to connect with other influencers.


  1. Online Customer Engagement

Engaging your customers and brand advocates online can increase your brand loyalty significantly. We are seeing brands becoming more human today and thinking out of the box to keep their customers hooked. Think of social media as an effective ‘Word of Mouth’ tool today. You can speak to many people at once and analyse their actual product needs. The people on the other hand can see how you keep up with redressal and grievance management that is a prime deciding factor in many products. Social CRM doubles up your efforts to keep your customers engaged.


What do you need?

With majority CRM leaders in the market already offering social CRM, many other vendors are following suit. You need to check with your CRM vendor if there is a Social CRM module available or not. With their help, you can integrate and start using SCRM to fulfil your marketing goals. You also need to be present on major social media platforms. Regular content postings will also help in customer engagement and generating interests. There has to be a strong bridge created between the sales and marketing team so that the campaigns generate desired results.

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