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How the right ERP software can help manage GST E-Way Bills?

How the right ERP software can help manage GST E-Way Bills
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As the nation gears up for the next giant leap in GST compliance i.e., E-Way Bills, businesses nationwide are running helter-skelter in search of the right enterprise technology or tool to manage GST E-Way Bills.

E-Way Bills are expected to help establish a unified benchmark for enterprises when they move goods from one state to the other or within a state. According to GST regulations, it is mandatory for transporters to carry E-Way Bills when transporting goods amounting to more than Rs. 50,000 within a state or between two states. Transporters on the other hand ought to carry a copy of E-Way Bill and invoice as evidence under the new GST law.

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How the right ERP software can help manage GST E-Way Bills?

Let us look at few ways the right ERP software can simplify E-Way Bill management:

– Flexibility

The software would help record your transactions and export the same to generate E-Way Bills at the click of button. It would also generate E-Way Bills for transactions you have keyed into the portal earlier. Also, no need to re-record or key in the details again and again, as it will allow you to easily switch between systems i.e. from the GST E-Way Bill portal to the software and vice versa.

Flexibility is the key, because it won’t be possible to generate E-Way Bills the moment you record a transaction, since you might be freighting the goods few days later or the vehicle may not be ready to transport the goods. Therefore, you should have flexibility in generating E-Way Bills and ERP software does that for you.

ERP system renders you the much-needed flexibility here when it comes to generating E-Way Bills anytime. It lets you to generate single E-Way or multiple bills at the click of a button by grouping a particular set of invoices.

– No need to re-enter details

Details required for recording a transaction and subsequently generating an invoice are needed to generate corresponding E-Way Bills as well. There’s no point in spending time and efforts in re-entering all these details again in the E-Way Bill portal. ERP software helps you skip this cumbersome and time-consuming repetitive task.

– GST compliance

Do you deal with an exhausted list of invoices? Also, it is a monstrous task to segregate invoices that qualify for E-Way Bills from the ones that don’t, if done manually.

A good ERP software does this for you thus, helping you comply with GST regulations. The software lets you track all the invoices effortlessly thus, helping you identify invoices that require generating E-Way Bills.


– Print invoices at the click of button

In today’s cutthroat business ecosystem where enterprises pay transporter to move goods, one cannot simply overlook the importance of time. A GST-enabled software will let you print E-Way Bill numbers on the invoices in a faster and efficient way.


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– Manage exceptions

What if the transporter’s vehicle carrying the goods breaks down? You should be able to track that particular invoice quickly in order to generate a new E-Way Bill from the portal. Business situations often are unpredictable. For instance, if the supplier is not able to generate these bills, you should be equipped to do the same quickly. An ERP software would help you generate E-Way Bills on their behalf in a quick manner.

If you are on the lookout for a software that will do all the aforementioned tasks for you, you have reached the right page, as Sage 300 helps you with all things E-Way bills generation. Sage ERP solution helps manage E-Way Bills in an efficient manner thus, helping you save time and curb operational costs.

To know how Sage 300 can simplify GST E-Way Bills for you , contact us here. Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been developing and implementing industry-grade enterprise resource planning solutions for businesses of diverse sizes and verticals for over three decades now. Send us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

*NOTE: Some states have declared E-Way Bills a mandate already and the new GST reform is set to rollout from April 1, 2018 and will be applicable for all the interstate transport of goods as declared by the GST Council.

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