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How to build an effective Knowledge Base

Knowledge base ERP
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Knowledge base is a pool of experiences, situations and how pressing issues were addressed. In a business environment, the idea behind building up an effective knowledge base is to improve query resolution and quality results and the entire process of creating knowledge base should be initiated right from the beginning.


People change, clients change but what remains the same is the product. A knowledge base is helpful in the following ways:

  1. To reduce the turnaround time – Solving client queries and delivering the project on time is the top priority for any company and a good knowledge base acts as a strong pillar as it has record of all problems, processes and history of the project which will help the developer to refer through and provide instant solution.


  1. To innovate – A knowledge base is like a goldmine and should be referred to when thinking of developing a new product or innovating a new one. This can also provide the company with a leverage on its competitors.


  1. For Research – A knowledge base is no doubt a record of past implementations, problems and innovations. This raw data is a sitting gold mine for marketers and developers alike to research and develop a new product, market the product or simply to better the customer service.


  1. To increase the goodwill of the company – While a lot of people do not look at their knowledge base more than a problem solving place, it can be leveraged upon to increase the goodwill of the company. For e.g. writing blogs on pertinent and consistent problems. The company will be looked upon as a solution provider and customers will prefer to give assignments to companies which understands their plight better.


Let us have a look at few practices that will help you to build a concrete pillar for your knowledge base and allow you to be efficient and quick.


  • Well Organized: The knowledge base articles should be properly organized, tagged and categorized so that they can be found easily. What is the point of recording anything if they cannot be found at the ninth hour? They can be categorized product wise, module wise or even micro module wise.


  • Standardize the articles: It is an unwritten rule that the articles need to be written well and in a language that everybody understands. A proper format needs to developed and maintained as part of KRA so that it is disciplined in all those contributing to the KB. Consistency helps in other departments contributing to it and making the KB more valuable.


  • Build access rights: Having proper access rights defined in system plays an important role. Access rights restricts users from publishing a knowledge base articles directly into live database. Proper maker checker process should be defined in system so that the accurate knowledge base articles are published in system and the admin knows who is responsible for maintaining / editing which article. Building access rights does add to the security of the KB which is very essential especially when there is strong competition in the market.


  • Maintain Uniqueness: While writing well is an unsaid rule, so is maintaining uniqueness and avoiding plagiarism. Plagiarism can lead to legal damages and will be harmful for the company. Uniqueness also helps in quick search of the article when in dire need. Different common words can also be used to make the search quick and relevant.


  • Capture customer feedback: Customer feedback should be captured somewhere in system in order to know how effective your knowledge base articles are. If not, then corrective measures can be take upfront to update the system.


  • Cloud Storage: Today with a huge amount of data, manual or local storage can be very difficult and money and space consuming. Hence, the company needs to make sure that they have a Cloud Storage with strong security systems for data safety and security. Over here, a good ERP system can help the company to not only store the data but also bring all the processes on one platform. A smart ERP software can also help in identifying data leakages and avoiding making of duplicate data. SMS SAGE to 56767 on how can Sage ERP help you on data and process streamlining front. You can also write to for a free consultation.

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