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Millennials are taking over work places. Are you ready?

Millennials are taking over work places. Are you ready?
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Who are Millennials?


A Millennial is the name given to the generation born between 1982 and 2004. Millennials are so named because they are born near the dawn of the new age of digitalization and a leading new wave of renewed civic-mindedness.  Millennial are explorer and the risk takers. They are multi taskers and have the dominance on technology, because they are tech savvy with every gadget possible. Moreover their values are different from the traditional ones.

Indeed they are less conservative as compared to baby boomers as well as open minded in every case for e.g. same sex marriage and multi-racial marriages. However millennials are least concerned about getting married or having children anytime soon, in fact they are more concerned about their passion and happiness.

This is very visible in the startup boom that is changing the dynamics of our economics today. Initiatives like Startup India, Standup India are facilitating the growth of these ideas and startups into competing and known brands. Millennials are the ones who are creating their new norms and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Today’s technology has changed the entire atmosphere, especially for the millennials. They are not concerned with how and where the work is, they are ready to take work with them, creating a perfect work life balance.


Top 5 things that make Millennials unique


Adopting new Technology-

While some millennials show less interest working on older technology, for some developing a mobile app is far easier. Now, millennials have started to enhance their work with technology and also are excelling at it. This has seen a newer trend among them. With new age technology, data is readily available to them, making them self-motivated to drive themselves towards excellence. But this has also posed a challenge to the employers. They are more under pressure now to adapt to the working ways of the millennials and enhance their skills with technology and environment that the millennials demand. More on this later.


Friendly working environment-


Millennials value democracy and always believe in keeping friendly terms with manager. In fact they totally believe in the term that ‘we don’t work for you. We work with you’ and this attitude makes a great impact for elevating the business to next level. Meanwhile they don’t desire to become a leader for just sake of the title but assume leadership by heading a project or showing effort for important assignments. They are very practical while taking decision for instance it is not about age for millennials, it’s about the passion, dedication and energy which we show towards the company.



Millennials will always look across an organization to improve business with technological approach. They’re the real risk takers and always prefer to deal with what is, rather than what might be. More importantly they are the core catalyst behind the technological revolution and in few years they will build a constructive change in the way of working, notably millennial are very ambitious in making up their career.


How can employers adapt to a Millennial


Understand them-


Millennial want flexibility, experience and training as much as possible. If you fail to engage millennials, it means you are risking your development opportunities. Furthermore they want career hike much rapidly than the older generations. Historically, promotion was built upon seniority and the span of service employee has dedicated for company. But millennial completely disagree with this term of promoting a person by his seniority rather than by performance and skills. It is only by understanding the millennial employee will the employers understand the millennial consumers. To reach out to them and engage them, the company needs to be more active, responsive and more than that, understand the requirements of the consumer beforehand to deliver more than expected.


Help them grow-

Managers should really understand the professional goals of millennials, moreover put them on various tasks and special assignment more frequently which will help them gaining a variety of experiences.  Working with millennials can actually help the company to streamline their own processes and bring in more creativity at work. For e.g. the need to maintain work – life balance has created the concept of work from anytime, anywhere. Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud access is evolving and businesses are adopting it with equal enthusiasm.

Simple example of a wearable technology. It was first introduced to make technology more reachable. But with the millennial’s way of life, we are seeing wearables now being integrated with corporate processes like sales, customer service and analytics. Data available on the go is helping the cause of the company of reaching out more people while being where the business happens.


Help them innovate:

Millennials are innovators in their core and this is what they like to do at their workplace too. Innovation not necessarily only mean always introducing and App or a software, but as simple as automating mundane and monotonous tasks. Millennials sure do not like to sit in one place and do the same thing over and over again. Do not be surprised if they want to streamline / automate tasks that can be easily taken care by little supervision. The management needs to accept these changes as they happen and even appreciate and encourage more such innovations. These are little steps in making the workforce more productive while staying loyal to the company.


Access to new technology-

The employer should adapt new technology and introduce Social CRM and ERP software to millennials, which will help the company understand what are the consumers thinking of their product or service. What is important that as an employer, the company allow the millennial employees access to modern technology and not be afraid to adopt newer technologies that are introduced.


Conclusion –

Since generation X didn’t grow up Facebooking or tweeting, so they don’t feel so connected with the millennials and that’s totally fine. As a matter of fact, mixing of both work cultures is giving rise to company being more process oriented rather than result oriented. Once the processes are in place and in harmony, the results will happen. In this threshold of change, it is important to change with the time and be open to more newer, modern and innovative ways to reach the customers rather the traditional ones.

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