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How to get the most out of your CRM software free trial experience

CRM Software
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Investing in a business software like ERP and CRM software is a big decision since there is a lot of investment required in terms of money and time. A CRM software is necessary for a company to grow and sustain and hence, selecting a suitable CRM software is more than important for the company. There are also a lot of times that the company feels that the software is not suitable for the business after purchasing it and invests more money to make it suitable by heavy customization.

Hence, nowadays, it has become more of a necessity to ‘Try the software’ before it has been purchased.  Today giving software on a trail period to a customer is quiet well-known in It industry. Just like you would test drive several cars before making any decision, you can do the same with CRM trail software. But in this blog we will explore how can an organization get the most out of trial CRM software.


Here are few examples on how to get the most out of your CRM software free trial experience


  • Setting up goals:

A lot of times, the company may not be clear about the objectives behind buying a CRM Solution. They may have prepared a draft but it may or may not be aligned with the company’s vision and mission. The company can make the most of the trial period by actually going back and review their initial objective and see if they were right in the same or they need to change. It also helps the company to finalize a software which is more or less in line with their objective and one which can be implemented with little customizations to fit their niche industry.


  • Allocate Team:

Usability is an important criteria for a CRM software since there will be a shift from manual process to online processes, hence, the user needs to be comfortable navigating through the screens and finding the required information on time. To save time during the training period, the company can assign one person from each of department / team who can go through and learn the software and see whether the software is useful for their respective departments and in the end to the organization or not. Accordingly, stakeholders can take the necessary decisions and how software can improve the efficiency. This can also help the company create a training pool by identifying people from each department who can train their team when the ERP software is purchased and make training faster and easier.


  • Understanding the Product Demo

Most of the times, product demo for a software can be extensive and consuming a lot of energy. One way to simplify to the demo process is by segregating the demo module wise and showing them separately to the respective department heads like purchase, finance, and marketing, etc. One other way to simplify the demo is by taking the product demo and understanding all the modules in a well-defined time and more in depth.

The Sales or Pre-sales team can walk you through the software in depth and showcase how to make most out of it. It’s also a good idea to tell him or her what your business challenges are and why you are interested in the product so that the product trail can be modified to suit your business to some extent helping you understand the capabilities and customizations that you need to do.


  • Putting real data in software:

Most of the product demo that is given is done using dummy data or some data which the company provides. But a lot of data that the company actually works on is confidential and hence, during the trial period, the company can test the capabilities of the CRM system by putting in some real data and transactions that the company deals in. This will also help to understand how much of time is required to feed the data in the system on a regular basis if it is implemented. It is easier to calculate the daily routine activities and compare them to the system with the workflow and if it will be simpler or shorter or not.


  • Begin to Streamline processes :

Any software is initially not 100% aligned with any industry. There is always a 20% changes or customization that needs to be made. But after the CRM software implementation, the company realizes that they also need to streamline their processes to sync in and make the processes simpler. During a trail period, the company can analyze how much of streamlining they need to do and also how much will it affect the current processes.


  • Interaction with Expert:

A CRM vendor is also an expert in technology and the trends in the industry since he interacts with clients from different companies and domains. Hence, the company can make use of the expertise of the CRM vendor by interacting more with him. A trail period gives the organization a chance to do so. Sometimes, the company can get some new ideas to innovate or invest by doing so. To get an expert guidance on CRM software, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to to Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd for a free consultation.


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