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How to nurture leads the right way?

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We all know the value of closing leads because without that, no business will survive. For marketing and sales team, both lead generation and lead nurturing is equally important to close deals faster. Imagine, you generate hundreds of leads every month, but if you do not educate them enough about your brand and intention to connect, they are going to go cold. No one likes being pursued without intention and attention and so is the case with your prospects.

If lead nurturing is done the right way, it surely can be a boon for your business. We have a set of few tips that will come handy to marketing and sales professionals in the long run for lead nurturing.

    1. Know your target market: To create lead nurturing strategy, the primary focus should be on knowing your leads. Where do they usually hang out on the internet, what’s their interest, what’s their buying pattern and which factors drive their buying decisions. Once you have an idea of all these things, it will be easier for you to create resources that provide the most relevant information at respective funnel stages. A customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to do customer segmentation, create campaign workflows, lead scoring, etc. to focus on most reliable opportunities.

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    1. Create targeted content: With a targeted content, the sales opportunities increase by 20%. When we talk about lead nurturing, the first and foremost thing to remember is creation and understanding of your buyer personas. Content required for lead generation should be nurtured based on their interests, objectives, aims and marketing triggers. In the end, to scale your efforts and identify your target segmentation, use an automation platform that will help you create buyer personas, customer segmentation and campaigns for lead nurturing workflows.
    1. Timely Follow-ups: It is important to contact leads immediately after they have shown interest in your product/ service. Nearly 25% of companies take almost 24 hours to respond to their visitors/ prospects, which brings down the chances of conversion by almost 50%. Automated lead nurturing will be your personal assistant in will reach out to greater chunks of prospects. But, at the same time, phone calls follow-ups should not be ignored.

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    1. Use multi-channel strategies: Due to digitization, you will find potential buyers available everywhere. Reaching out to leads and connecting with them through the right information they require to make decisions is easier than ever, if done right. Depending upon buyer interests and their goals, marketing professionals should be able to leverage social media platforms, email marketing, landing page forms, etc. to grab attention of the audiences.
    1. Personalized emails: With personalized emails, companies achieve 6 times higher revenue than non-personalized ones. Writing personalized emails shows you have put efforts to research and know your prospect and this creates a trust factor with the brand.

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Lead nurturing should not just stick to developing loads of resources and pushing it into your prospect’s inbox or calling them without a plan soon after their enquiry. It should be a carefully drafted strategy that takes into consideration buyer personas, their decision making factors and marketing triggers, lead scoring, email marketing, creating targeted content and timely follow-ups. Sage CRM Software helps you nurture leads at every step of their life cycle stage.

To know how Sage CRM will help you capture leads and nurture them the right way, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a FREE demo or consultation.

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