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How to Optimize your CRM Screen for Improved Productivity?

How to Optimize your CRM Screen for Improved Productivity?
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Your CRM screen or the dashboard ought to aid the users in improving work productivity rather than making them toil and sluggish. A typical example will be of service users, who tend to answer customer queries inevitably on calls thereby, taking help of the system to get the overall or specific information about the Customer. Delay in response time may leave the customer in doubt on your competence as you fight and navigate through multiple screens and dashboards to find the information to answer customer’s question.

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For some, it may seem a small problem. However, its impact on usability and efficiency of the CRM solution is certainly a serious problem. Studies have proved that the performance of any computer application is solely dependent on its designing and the flow of interaction developed thus, interruption of a fraction of seconds during a task can drastically slow down the performance and so the outcome.

Some of the main causes of the problem related to screen optimizations are lack of foresight, aging system, inevitable changes and so on. Typically, at the initial stage of any CRM implementation, screens are laid out just as a part of setting up the system. Later, when functional requirements are taken into consideration, people tend to be panicked by the look and feel of the system thereby confusing users and slowing their performance.

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Over time, all the inevitable changes to the system by various procedures or standards may slow down the process if the current flow of process is changed in a haphazard manner. A common cause that slows down things is making the users switch among different screens. Switching between screens causes momentary pause thus, you need to curb screen switching by designing the workflow in such a way that everything can be completed on one screen only.

However, this doesn’t mean cramming as much information as possible onto a single screen. One should analyse the important and relevant data. Fortunately, today’s advanced CRM solutions have the flexibility to design or rearrange screen modules with the help of scripting and workflow stages which would help users to find appropriate information within specific section of the screen. Lay out your screens for maximum ease of use.

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