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How to Recover Your Failed ERP Implementation

Dealing with unsuccessful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software implementation is among the most critical situations that a company can face. It is one of the most dreaded nightmare for a company, which has already invested a substantial amount of time, money and resource for the same. An ERP Implementation failure may occur due to wrong module selection, incorrect requirement gathering, wrong training method, negative employee attitude, etc. but as they say,” no point in crying over spilt milk”, a company should look forward on how to tactfully recover from the failure.

When an ERP Implementation fails, a company is left with 2 options – either Fight or Flight, i.e. you could thoroughly examine all your processes and try to rectify the faults or find another ERP service provider, both being taxing on your pocket and the time being consumed. Recovering from a failed ERP implementation can be a cumbersome process, however, an expert help or external party/agency can seamlessly get you over it, while making a recovery plan, rethinking the scope and introducing new methodologies.


Here are some of the best ways you can recover your failed ERP Implementation:


  • Examine and Re-Examine:

Go through all the modules that have been installed from a technical and functional standpoint. There can be errors in the code, which might have triggered when another TP software integrated with the ERP software.  Furthermore, determine if the ERP software was originally a good fit for the organization from a functional point of view. Though it is the very first step in the whole ERP Implementation project, but after the failure, there is no harm in going back through all the modules and figure out what modules are actually essential for the company. Trying to locate and analyze the problem from the start is the first step to recovery that may further help to plan the future steps better.


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Recovering from an ERP failure


  • The R Team:

Experience beats it all; no matter how much finance and time you invest, without proper experience and skills it is all in vain. Thus, having an experienced staff and consultants who have been part of successful implementations can come up as a great help. A team well prepared and knowledgeable with the ways of the ERP software can swiftly help troubleshooting the problems while keeping a tab on the overall expenditure and time consumptions.


  • Adjust your financial sector for achievement:

Sometimes, an ERP implementation may completely fall apart simply because of insufficient financial support. An ERP software assures better and agile ROI, however prior to that, it is needed that a company provides stable financial base for the software to stand upon. Training the employees, evaluating the requirements, customization and module selection, and even an expert need to be backed by appropriate finances for optimal results. Nevertheless, it is never too late, and while you are at recovery stage, re-evaluating and calculating the investments can only help in for better.

Recovering from an ERP implementation failure can have slow down a company, affecting the stability of its employee as well. However, with proper guidance, support and above-mentioned ways, an ERP software can get back in action, boosting you up and putting you right on the track. Still struggling from a failed ERP implementation? Contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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