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How to use Positive Pay Module in ERP system using Sage 300cloud — Transaction Upload History

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In the previous blog we explained the process of Transaction Upload Screen and in this blog, we will explain how to use Transaction Upload History

We need to add Menu Type i.e. Transaction Upload Screen in From Bank Services à Bank Transactions Menu.

After adding the Menu, here we can check the History of Transaction in this Screen.

Select Bank name from the finder button then select Date and Time from finder button and click on arrow to check the History of Transaction Upload.

Here we can see that there are two transactions are showing, out of that one transaction has been void i.e. cancelled so it is also reflected in this screen. We can see bottom of the screen that system has showing us Transaction Summary i.e no. of total checks and Amount & no. of Voids Check and Amount.

Thus, we can conclude that this addon module of Sage 300 Cloud will help you ease your positive pay mechanism.


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