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Influence of SMAC on Enterprise Solutions

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Impact of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud on Enterprise  Solutions

Enterprise IT discussion is not complete without considering the impact of SMAC on business. SMAC stands for social, mobile, (big data) analytics, and cloud. Its advantage ranges from predicting future (Analytics), available anywhere (Mobile), everything so simple and networked (Social), and at a fraction of the price (Cloud). SMAC is transforming and largely impacting the Enterprise Solutions.

In order to run effectively organizations are using various enterprise solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI Tools), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM), Project Management, Enterprise application integration (EAI), Document Management(DMS), Content Management, directory services (LDAP) and more. All these applications are the support system for the smooth functioning of the organization. These Enterprise solutions are tremendously influenced by Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud technology none of these Enterprise Solution offering is complete without having a touch of at-least one technology from SMAC stack.

Let’s see how these are impacting the enterprise solutions individually



Nowadays users want Enterprise Solutions to be enabled in term of collaborative working. These collaborations were being done outside the software application by the help of chat messenger, emails and on phones etc.

Keeping the requirement in mind application providers has started bringing a social touch for a better and more relevant user experience and for a better collaborative working. They have started providing a social Networking channels like look and feel with the option to chat with the approver along with “like”, “follow” and “comments”. Social integration in its enterprise apps allows employees to connect with other employees in “deal rooms” to discuss projects and find the information they need.



The mobile Enterprise solutions provides surprising benefits in almost any situation where the user works more effectively away from their desk. By 2016, there will be more than 10 billion mobile devices which would roughly be 1.5 times of the world’s population at that time. Today, almost every information and related transaction are readily available on our mobile devices. Thus allowing us to operation from our mobile devices on the go.

Mobile penetration in enterprise solution allows field staff to use information quickly, which helps them in taking quick decisions, while being on the move. In enterprise application space, significant usage of mobile can be seen mainly for accessing information and approvals.

One of the greatest benefits of mobile ERP is the ubiquitous nature of these portable devices.



Analytics are clearly impacting the Enterprise solutions market and those enterprises who are adapting advanced analytical tools are gaining tremendous advantages by predicting future trends.

Future analytics capabilities within the enterprise applications will use advanced analytics using techniques like statistics. Expected Output would be derived based on historical trends, current situation powered by advanced analytical capabilities. Rather than just simple report we expect outputs to predict future trends. Also, this output would be needed on a real-time basis to take quick decisions. Enterprise Solutions have a wealth of very intelligent and useful data within them, which they have assimilated over a long period of usage. This data is fed into BI tools to generate reports and KPIs and take decisions based on the output.



Cloud has brought down the cost of running enterprise solutions and also making these applications available for use at much faster speed. Cloud is enabling enterprises to be more agile by offering innovation, access to the latest technology, on-demand service and scalability. Along with advantages Cloud brings concerns related to data security, privacy and control. But cloud providers been able to address these concerns and provided reasonable solution.

Cloud has the potential to become the new foundation of enterprise IT landscape. The Cloud based offerings would impact the enterprise solutions in fastest way compared to all three technologies of SMAC stack and enterprises cannot afford to ignore this technology.

Enterprises should carefully evaluate and analyze the impact from each of these technologies on their software applications and adapt accordingly.

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