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Integrated ERP Solutions

Integrated ERP Solutions
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in India has come a long way. From the 1980s, where ERP systems helped businesses with just accounting and finances to present day that demands built-in smart analytics, security functionalities and cloud deployment, ERP solutions have flourished as a backbone for multiple organizations. ERP software offers a centralized platform to multiple departments for efficient collaboration resulting into streamlined business operations. ERP systems keep errors at bay through automated workflows, streamlined finances and enhanced operational efficiency. Yet, most of the businesses have not yet adopted enterprise apps to handle their business operations. One of the common reasons is the myth that ERP solutions are expensive to implement. This is not true in all cases and if you define your goals clearly so as to why you need ERP software at the first place, you can reduce unnecessary cost associated with it. As per sources, the projected growth for ERP software market is estimated to $47 billion through 2022.

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ERP Benefits

  1. Better Transparency: Since ERP software offers a centralized platform, different departments can access the required information with ease in real-time. For example, when companies need to track inventories, respective departments can easily check the stocked and shortage of inventories. This will allow teams to make informed decisions without wasting time.

  2. Intelligent Reporting: Comprehensive dashboards create cross-functional reports that can be accessed from anytime, anywhere. ERP software replaces the conventional spreadsheets and excel workbooks that tedious and time consuming. In-built financial reports can give you a quick glance of cash flow statements. Even if you wish to customize the reports, it does not necessarily demand IT intervention.

  3. Enhanced Customer Service: ERP software is capable of logging account related communication onto a single platform that can be accessed through a single click. This avoids making your customer support representatives feel lost by easily pulling up the previous communication data.

  4. Compliant Systems: All businesses are required to meet certain set of compliances as per the government and industry standards and this is the most complicated job since it demands both time and accuracy. Most of the ERP systems come with built-in set of compliant rules that reduces additional expenditure incurred in audits.

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Sage 300cloud is the best ERP software in India that is GST complaint, manages inter-department operations, takes care of finances and accounting and offers real-time visibility.This software is customizable as per company’s individual requirements and guarantees flawless customer support throughout and even after the implementation. Some of the most attractive features of Sage 300cloud are consolidated financials across multiple companies, easy export of data from other applications, automated payable scheduling and multi-language and multi-currency support.

To know how Sage 300cloud can transform your business, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a FREE demo or CRM consultation.

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