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Integration of HMI with Sage ERP for shop floor.

HMI integration With Sage ERP
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In manufacturing industry, the shop floor is the most crucial pillar, wherein all the machining and production occurs, thus making it essential to manage and control all these activities efficiently for an optimal output. Better management of shop floor control results in on time production and delivery, which is one of the primary factors for expansion, success and earnings of any manufacturing business.

A shop floor consists of numerous machines and a set of labors working their shifts on the assigned task. Tracking of these labor activities is essential to keep a tab on the labor’s work performance and shift hours, follow the tasks being undertaken, and assure timely production as these factors further affect the final product cost and company’s reputation. Furthermore, the staff working on a shop floor may include helpers, supervisors, engineers, welding fitters etc. and it is necessary to manage all these employees as per their needs and ability, making it a complex process.

However, Human machine interface (HMI) can play a vital role for its capability to track the activities of all your staff as per their respective jobs as well as all the tasks undertaken by the labor against the multiple Job Cards. Integration of Sage ERP with HMI Device can make the good going better. The smartness of an ERP software backed by the efficiency of HMI device can seamlessly assure all your processes are being done precisely.

The smart job card includes the following details:

  1. Job card no and date.
  2. Operations and tasks assigned.
  3. Start time and expected end time of each Operation.
  4. Production details.
  5. Barcode for Job card and each operations.

Now, with the integration of Sage ERP and HMI device, whenever a labor initiates the given task, a simple scan via HMI device can trigger the ERP software solutions to start tracking staffs work performance, process by process. And at the end of the day, the software can precisely generate a report on all the operations completed and staff performance which may consist of:

  1. Job card wise time invested by labor.
  2. Expected duration and Actual duration of operations, which will defines the efficiency of the labor.
  3. Job card wise/ Operation wise labor cost involved, further helping in evaluation of finance invested.
  4. Forecasting and planning further processes and activities for enhanced production rate.

Thus, to conclude with, Sage ERP 300 is a modern business management suite that can assist in all your processes in manufacturing industry and securely save all your crucial data on its reliable cloud servers and integration of HMI software with the proficient business suite can eventually boost your production and sales performance. To know more about multi-channel integration and manufacturing industry management, contact us here. You can also SMS Sage to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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