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Inventory Management – A step closer to better Customer Relations

Inventory Management
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The key to customer loyalty and repurchases from customers lies in how we treat the customer queries. If there is a delay in response from the sales side to the query, it is very likely that the customer will feel that his query is not important enough for the company.

Late updates on quantities or not delivering the promised stock, is the root for the customer not trusting the company and will  not purchase any product from the company in future. Here, the harm is more than losing just one customer. Word of Mouth is still a trusted and very effective source of marketing. The harmed customer can prevent more customers from buying the company’s products only by his non – recommendation.

Most companies do not realize the importance that proper inventory management plays to better customer relations. Timely update of stocks, timely update of allotment of products to all the warehouses, shipping out on time and real time update of all the stocks to all the sales manager around the country, is the crux of an efficient inventory management and ultimately better customer relations.

The Sage 300cloud Inventory Management module offers effective features to minimize warehousing costs and to optimize storage needs in line with the requirements at hand. The inventory management module of Sage 300cloud, a robust and scalable ERP solution, offers host of advance warehousing features such as modification, balancing, transfer, and reverse operations. Many features including management of multiple storage centers and locations, specialized inventory management features (serial numbers, batch tracking, and lot wise serialized tracking), which are a part of a diverse capability in inventory management, are included as standard functionality within the Sage 300cloud Inventory Management module.

Inventory management within the Sage 300cloud provides a high degree of flexibility for handling complex storage needs, and assures continuous update of warehouse inventory through multiple inventory methods and different types of auditing. For all materials, input and output transactions are fully automated due to the seamless integration with other associated modules within the system. This also enables efficient, prompt and trouble-free inventory transactions within enterprises.

Reporting is also an important part for better inventory management. Smart reports are available from the system on the go for taking critical business decisions.

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