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Is B2B marketing going the B2C way?

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2019 has definitely started on a good note with the comprehensive budget announcement aimed at making spending and savings easier for the middle class. In fact, the year 2019 would also witness a rise in newer ways of marketing that is more consumer-centric. The question occurs: is B2B marketing going the B2C way?


There was a time when B2B marketing was associated with ‘Push Marketing’, i.e. participating in or sponsoring seminars, cold calling, distributing brochures, etc. However, with the inception and adoption of digital media in our daily lives, we are seeing an equally crazed adoption of newer marketing methods in B2B marketing.


What has changed so significantly?


  1. Audience

The catalyst for driving change has been the audience, hands down. With all the information available on Internet, today’s audience is more socially active and digital. This change has also led to the transformation of cold calling. No one likes to be attend unsolicited calls or mails for product information. Internet, blogs, website, online peer forums are now preferred modes to obtain information on any product requirements and hence, B2B audiences today are forcing B2B marketers to go the B2C way.


  1. Content Marketing

While there is no doubt that B2B marketers are engaged in content marketing, what we are seeing is the type of content marketing being used. It is no more only about blogs, but about visual content, comics, videos, humour, etc. with everything moving on digital landscape, B2B marketers are changing their game to make content more shareable and consuming. Even content needs to be short, to the point and intelligent to hold the attention of the audience.


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  1. Ads

In recent years, we have seen a drastic increase in number of businesses that are optimizing their advertising efforts and investment in online channels. Earlier, businesses refrained from investing in marketing choosing free ads and word of mouth to win new business. However, due to huge competition, an increasing number of B2B marketers are now moving towards paid advertisements to gain footfall and brand presence.


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  1. Humour

Using humour can grasp the interest of your audience towards your content. It can build up a sense of need to keep following your posts on social media. Including this into marketing strategies can boost your reach and engagement. To be funnier at your advertising is not only about attracting customers or making them to buy instantly, but also to create a buzzword about your brand and make the brand more relatable.


  1. CSR

CSR activities are mandated by the Companies Act 2013. However, they are a cultural practice more than brand building exercise. For a long time, we knew that B2C companies were the forefront runners in conducting these activities that not only benefit the society, but the internal and external stakeholders as well. B2B marketers and companies are also looking towards CSR activities to not only boost branding, but also giving back to society.


Hence we could conclude that the changes and trends can be seen dripping in B2B as well. Since the clients / buyers of a B2B organisation are no different from the consumers of B2C businesses. So how could the activities involved for marketing and selling be different from each other? Understand your consumer and reach their needs in time – mantra for success.


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