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Is Email Marketing Dead Already?

Email Marketing
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Email Marketing generates more revenue for over 50% of B2B businesses with more than 80% of professionals banking on automation.

Although the argument, “Is email marketing worth or not?” has been going on forever, the statistics completely deny the later opinion with some proven statistics. Emails are considered to be the third most influential information source for B2B consumers. With a CTR of as high as 47% for B2B email campaigns, different content materials for attracting and converting customers like blogs, webinars, case studies, white papers, e-books can be easily fed through emails to potential customers. If companies can create flawless email marketing strategies to enhance customer interactions, your brand will gain credibility and higher revenues through their long-term association.

Now that we know email marketing is certainly not dead, below are a few email best practices you could adopt for your next campaign.

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  1. Use a hallway for email journey:

Email marketing helps more than 90% B2B marketers to distribute content efficiently. However, email marketing can turn out to be a big disaster if delivered in an unplanned manner. You would not want to directly start bragging about your product/ service as soon as someone starts interacting with you. Instead, it is better to first get to know your prospects, their needs and then decide on which type of content is right for them to get converted into customers. Welcome emails are always the best whenever you have a new customer on your list. This helps customers form a base and understand what they can expect from the journey forward. You can also create a spectacular first impression by offering them welcome discounts and make them feel important.

  1. Choose the right time:

Email Marketing is all about how many CTRs you fetch. Higher the open rate, better the chances to market your products/ services. It is very much important to have a precise yet catchy subject line. Subject lines that do not send out clear messages to audiences about what should they expect from the email, get dumped into trash and most of the times, even get spammed. To avoid this, it is recommended to send out emails at safest times with a clear intention.

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  1. Focus on segmentation:

You may have multiple campaigns running with different goals like website visits, content downloads, adding subscribers to the blog, call for a sales inquiry and many others. Obviously, the strategy for every segment will be different and so the content journey. The very first rule – DECLUTTER. Yes! If you have one single list for different target audience and their journey stages, it might land you in an irreparable mess. Therefore, it is important to segment your target audience depending on the necessary parameters agreed upon to have them turned into customers from just visitors.

  1. Adopt a CRM:

Statistics state that for every 1$ spent on email marketing, 38$ of revenue is generated. But this can be achieved only when you build a loyal customer base for your business and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you achieve that. Top benefits of CRM integration with email are increased responsiveness, holistic view, staying updated with important tasks and creating seamless workflows.

  1. Do not overlook A/B testing:

Email marketing is not just about creating the campaign workflows and executing them but monitoring what happens after the campaign has been sent out. A/B testing (also known as Split Testing) will help you create multiple versions of a single campaign that will fetch you figures indicating the open rate, bounce rate, CTRs, spam percentage, etc. This will help you understand what works and what needs modification. You can leverage these analytics to create more dedicated campaigns that will increase the performance rate.


Email marketing is certainly not dead. Despite with latest software integration like CRM, it is very much alive. Email marketing manages to remain the most preferred channel among B2B as well as B2C marketers fetching a promising return of massive 3800%. With CRM Email Marketing it is possible to create long-lasting customer relationships through personalized emails, campaign performance optimizations, identifying buying behaviors and fetching real-time data. Keeping in mind all these factors, companies can create hyper focused email marketing campaigns for content delivery and gain maximum profits.

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