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Is your email marketing suffocating your prospects?

email marketing
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When Charles Babbage developed the first automatic computing machine in 1822, no one imagined that the evolution will take place so rapidly. After that a lot of eminent personalities worked on the advancement theories and laid the foundation for the same. In 1975, Ed Roberts introduced Altair 8800 naming the invention as a “personal computer”. Machines started evolving at a greater speed to enter into our homes and eventually into our day-to-day lives. People used time sharing computers to send computer based mails, which also evolved in the later stages. Today, emails are helping people do things beyond just the simple communication. And one of the most potential use is for marketing purpose.

Over past three decades, marketing had to keep up with a lot of evolution too. There was a time when people used to get to know about products/ services only through newspapers or televisions. Unlike today, we can access any kind of information we want about a particular product / service right from our mobile screens with just a few taps. Statistics say that the advent of digitization has given birth to robots and 31% of U.S. marketers believe that in next 30 years, most of their job will be done by bots.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an important facet of digital marketing. 59% of B2B marketers consider it to be the most effective revenue generation channel. Email marketing helps marketing professionals connect with their potential buyers and nurture leads the right way to accelerate deal closure and improve sales. However, email marketing does not restrict itself to being dressed in heavy jargons and get deported into prospects’ mailboxes. There’s a lot more to it. Email marketing needs a well drafted strategy that captures and nurtures leads at every stage of marketing and sales funnel. A right customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps you design workflows and automated email campaigns to let you not lose even a single potential opportunity.

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A lot of people fail at executing email marketing in a successful manner and therefore, they don’t consider it to be a viable option for their business. But, email marketing can fetch you lucrative returns of $38 on per $1 spend. But because email marketing is a time-consuming job, 49% of the companies use some form of automation and enjoy numerous benefits that come with it.

Here are some common mistakes companies do with inappropriate email marketing:

  • Sending unsolicited messages
  • Lack of personalized touch
  • Non-segmented target audience list
  • Less attentive towards subject line
  • Sending without testing
  • Ignoring the power of email automation system

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Instead of trading your reputation for a paid sales lead from some freelancers or agencies and then bombarding them with push-marketing emails, it is better to attract attention of your audiences through insightful resources that motivate them to take some action. Give them what they ask for instead of forcing them to get something they are clueless about. A wrong email strategy can cost companies both time and money. Also, instead of forming a strong connection audiences, they will end up suffocating them. Sage CRM is power-packed with features allowing intelligent segmentation, A/B testing, personalized approach, auto-schedule and comprehensive analysis.

To know how Sage CRM will help you avoid email marketing blunders and delight your customers, contact us here. You can write to us at for a FREE demo or consultation. 

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