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Is your ERP System causing a Dent in your Business?

Is your ERP System causing a Dent in your Business
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Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is fast becoming the biggest asset for businesses all over the world. It is proving to be of great use in expanding growth and improving a company’s foothold both economically as well as functionally. However, ERP systems if not maintained properly can do more harm than good.

Are your Employees Enjoying the Juice of your ERP System?

If you have an ERP solution, you need to use it in a prudent manner to get the most out of it. There are numerous drawbacks of having an outdated ERP system for your business. Read on to know more.

  1. Printing hardcopies: If you have an ERP solution, you can save paper rather printing the same for sales or purchase invoices. Instead, you can use digital signatures and can even share important papers via e-mails. This will reduce the usage of hardcopies, thus reducing your carbon footprint greatly.
  1. Business criteria: You should be clear about your business criteria, objectives and requirements, as this would help you get the best ERP solution for your business. Remember the fact that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ mantra won’t work for enterprise resource planning solutions.
  1. Database issues: As a business grows, its database too tends to grow. With the increasing number of transactions, you need to handle and sort your data entries as per the respective clients. ERP software provides a unified database for all your enterprise processes thus, saving time and efforts.
  1. Tracking issues: For a manufacturer, tracking equipment is a big hassle especially through some standalone or legacy tool resulting in data entry errors and discrepancies leading to increase in operational costs. Tracking is an integral part of a manufacturing business thus, ensure that it is streamlined and automated. 
  1. Inventory tracking: If you are using multiple software, you may experience inventory-tracking issues. Instead, you can resolve issues of inaccurate inventory by connecting with suppliers or purchasers through a well-integrated ERP system. 
  1. Delays in schedule: Schedule delays are one of the worst problems your business can experience. If your ERP system isn’t fully integrated in all business processes, your company will experience a strong ERP disconnect. This may even result in data leaks and loss. A unified and well-integrated ERP software eradicates the problems of system and process disconnect.

With all the modules under a unified ERP solution, people from various locations and departments can view, share and update data seamlessly. For example, your sales rep can view inventory data on the go through smartphone.

Bottom line

Successful ERP system implementation and use needs participation from the users from all the departments in an organization. If you are looking to implement a new ERP software or wish to upgrade the existing one, contact us here. You can also drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.


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